Goodness me I sound bitter now (but it does get better!)

Oh my, about a month since last time…
I’ve had to rethink and replan (wait, is that a word?) my journey to a healthier me. I’ve taken the new advice and I’ve changed the things I’ve been able to so far. Now, it’s the rest of them 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gained loads of weight and I don’t really know why. Iäve already lost some over my tummy (no weight, just size).

So yeah, I’ve got that going for me. Good, good… I’m back in the gym, doing physical therapy, and as much of other things as I can. Was I back last time I wrote? I can’t remember…

I’m still having an extremely difficult time losing weight, and I really don’t know why. People tell me that I hould go to the doctors, but you know what? All I get there is “your bloodwork is fine”. That’s it. First the “you need to lose weight” and then a big, fat, nothing. Pun not intended… I have begged for help, but nope, nothing, nada, njet, nej… Ok then, so sorry to bother you and try to get you to do your job and hel me get better and LESS SICK! Weightloss for me is a good thing for hem too. I wouln’t have to come in as often for my back-, neck- and shoulderpains. I wouldn’t have to get as much paracetamol prescribed. I wouldn’t have to take up their time for minor things that weightloss can clearly help with! But no. There’s nothing showing in my blood, so naaah, why bother, right?

Oh goodness me I sound bitter now… I suppose a part of me is. Against them. I have worked so hard for so many years, ON MY OWN. Not asking them for help at all. Now that I need it, I get nothing. So yes, I AM a bit bitter, thank you!

Aaand, deep breath. A really good count to 10 (000)!

So. In related news…
I have added a Little buddy to my kitchen, have  look:

My little adipose I had at work is now living there! All things seen next to it is new. I needed something to make it more fun to eat. I kept forgetting to tak something out of the freezer and had to go out to buy food. And we all now what happens when you do that while hungry…
Turned out I really like balsamic vinegar on my salads, a bit of a surprise really 🙂

I have redone my schedule when it comes to the gym and my physical therapy. I had to, I was slowly losing my mind over it…
All is written down, carefully, in my new bullet journal (awesome btw!!) and I’m getting petty god at doing what I actually have to do. Even things you like doing gets hard to do when they become a must.
In my bullet journal, I have a page for my blog. One page/month to be precise. Every time I get an idea about a blogpost, I write it down there, next t the date I will write about it. That way I won’t forget to check in here 🙂

Oh. Aaand I may or may not have gotten rid of my hair again 🙂

I love it 🙂


Buy a dress

Guess what, today I won’t whine. Not even a little! So you can read on without any worries of that 😛

Yesterday I was just way too exhausted and tired too post anything, but here I am today 🙂

I need to get better at taking care of myself. There’s some food I just shouldn’t be eating, and I have to get moving again. I’m not sure where I will find the energy to do it, but…
Well, the food part is (almost) easy, it’s the get-your-ass-to-the-gym-part that’s difficult. I’ll make it. Somehow. I’m gonna talk to my cardiologist next friday and see what he says.

All of last year I gained way too much weight, and then more when I was home sick for 4 weeks. My back hurts. My hips hurt. Everything basically suck.
I’m going to focus on the food first.

So, my goal for tomorrow (besides getting home in one piece):
– Buy lots of healthy food when I go for my weekly shopping.
– Buy a dress to have waiting as my first NSV (non scale victory).

Lets talk about weightloss

Hello you!

Weightloss is such a sensitive subject to lots of people. And no wonder. It doesn’t really matter how much we weigh these days, someone WILL tell us there’s something wrong with us. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, underweight or  bodybuilder, people will hate you and the way you look! Completey nuts…

I started out with a BMI of 14. I was completely healthy, I just didn’t gain weight. Doctors told me to eat chocolte and have lots of cream etc. And really, how many times do you need to tell the average teenager that? I stuffed myself. But I didn’t gain any weight. I was about 22 when I started to ut on a couple of kilos. The perfect amount at first, I had curves!! Unfortunately, it didn’t stop. I gained 100% of my weight! A while later it turned out my thyroid didn’t want to cooperate anymore. I was given medication and things started to get better.

I lost weht, I gained some, I lost some more and then it started to go really well. About 0,5kg – 1kg/week down, perfect!

Then late 2015/early 2016 I gained so much of it again. It was really devastating to me. And I was so stressed out (heartproblems that thankfully turned out to NOT be as bad as they first thought) that I couldn’t actually do anytihng about i. I sort of froze..

But I’m back on track and I have taken my first progress photo today. It’s not a big change, but that’s ok.


I’ve got the same clothes on so it’s easier to see 🙂

I want to lose weight for a few reasons.
– I want to be able to buy any clothes I want.
– I want to ease the pain in my knees and lower back.
– I want to feel good.
– I want to look good (ok, great!9.

I eat healthy 6 days of the week and then add a treat on day 7. Because I have PoTS I have to be so, so carful about what I eat and how much I eat, and that makes this a lot easier.
I drink a lot of water, I really like water. I don’t mind that there’s no taste. A glass of ice cold water is just the best thing sometimes!

I go to the gym every day. Physical therapy as in cardio & physical therapy as in strengthtraining & then some “regular” weightlifting for the rest of my body.

It is hard, oh so hard! Being determined all day, every day. And every time you go to the store, you’re challenged. I don’t know about other countries, but in Sweden they obviously put ALL the sweets/candy right next o you as you’re in line to pay.. Even if you use the “self scanner” and check out on your own, you have to pass it.
And where’s the frozen veggies? Oh, next to the ice-ceam? Toiletpaper? Next to the sweets/candy. Books and magazines? Between sweets/candy and sodas. Ok, I’ll just have som sparkling water then. Next to the sodas, huh? Oh, and next to…. You know?

I’m thankful that my only problem is my weight, because honestly, I couldn’t take any more than that! It’s enough!e

But I can do it.
And YOU can do it!
We can do it together!

So far, I’m 2,4kg down 🙂