about me

Hi you!

Let’s start with the who-I-am stuff, ok?
– Jeanette/Jea.
– I was born -82.
– I live in Malmö, Sweden..
– I live alone.
– I love bunnies!
– I’m completely obsessed about Doctor Who!
– I love to read.

Jeas Wellness is run by me, Jea and it started as just me wanting to write down my thoughts about my well being and my days. At first I didn’t intend to share it with others, I just wanted to keep a record somewhere. But then I figured, why not write so that others can read and maybe get inspired?

My own Wellness journey started around 2008, but it wasn’t that serious. I weighed far too much and my body didn’t feel well at all. And I ate all the wrong things for my body.
I did change the way I ate and I was already out walking a lot (I had the most wonderful dog in the world at that time). With this and medicin for my thyroid I lost a bunch of weight in 2011/2012 and started to feel better. But my thyroid wasn’t my only health issue. I also have sinustachycardia and PoTS (Postural ortostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

Here, in this blog, I share all that helps me.