Another week is gone

Oh wow, I lost 1,9kg since last sunday. I’m sure it’s mostly water, since I gained so much while taking painmedication. But good to know it’s getting better 🙂

I also lost 15cm over my belly, where I’m the largest. That’s even better.

Tomorrow I will be back at the gym, finally!!! I haven’t been able to do anything since I injured my back. But now I’m well enough to do some cardio and some physical therapy. Not all and nothing heavy. I’m really excited about being able to go back!

Oh, and I made anothe shopping bag today, this one is for myself 🙂

Printing the words took sooo long and gave me a headache, and my back wasn’t too happy about it either… At the end, my fingers were even shaking a bit when they needed to hold very still 🙂


Working hard or hardly working?

I like sewing. There’s something very calming over it 🙂

I while ago I said I would make a shopping bag for my mum, and today I actually made it.

I was too tired to iron it, I’ll do that tomorrow 🙂 I’m not sure why the picture is sideways…

My mum bought the 2 white patches in Las Palmas, the palmtree one we found at Stoff & Stil today and decided to add.

I also added a smaller pocket on the inside.

I’m gonna add a button to the inner pocket, I just haven’t found the right one yet. Or maybe I have…. I found a magnetic one at Stoff & Stil… that would be a good one… Hm, I’m gonna have to think about that 🙂