For the love of books!

Relaaax, everything will be OK!

Or at least that’s how it feels when I’m reading ❤ It’s the one thing that makes me calm down and relax. It’s like everything bad just goes away for a while.

Two days ago I was given painmedication from my doctor. My back is so bad he gave me OxyContin and OxyNorm. That’s morphine!! Do you have any idea how bad it has to be for a doctor in Sweden even THINK about giving someone that? Yeah…

I LOVE not being in pain, but I’m really not feeling too great otherwise from it. I sleep a lot and I’ve even been throwing up (for the second time in my life!!). I can hardly eat…

But the sad thing is that I can’t read… I can’t focus on what I’m reading and I can’t really remember what I’m reading. I didn’t know not being able to read would hurt this much…

I’d like to show you my bookshelf:

I also use it to turn my livingroom in to 2 rooms. One loud and one quiet. As soon as I get a job and get money again, I’m going to buy another that I can fill with all kinds of books too. I’m swedish, so obviously it will be from IKEA 😉 I have my eyes on this beauty:

My favourite thing about reading isn’t just that it helps me relax, it’s the travel-to-different-worlds-thing too. When you’re a few pages in you start to see everything like a mo ie in your mind, amd the more your read, the bigger that world gets. It’s so wonderful! Movies just aren’t the same (don’t get me wrong, I still love movies!). When you watch a movie, someone else is showing you their idea of the world the author is writing about, and it can be so beautiful. But when you read about and that same world is growing bigger with every page… nothing can compare to that ❤

I can easily sit there and read hour after hour after hour. It just makes me feel so good, and happy, and relaxed, and calm.

For a moment, I get to forget everything around me. I get to forget all the horrible things in this world. I get to feel good in the most honest and true way there is!

This last photo is my diningroom table, it is 70 years old and my maternal grandparents bought it after they got married. I absolutely love it! I am currently learning more spanish, so that right there is the first Harry Potter book in spanish 🙂 The painting is bought at SweetLoveSugar at Emporia here in Malmö (, I love all their stuff! I’m gonna post a video on my instagram ( @jeas_wellness ) soon where I will show you my livingroom. I’ve been meaning to do that for some time now, but for some reason it just hasn’t happened yet..

What is your favourite book? And where is your favourite reading spot?


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