Yoga ftw

I have kind of bad joints. I guess the best description is that some of them are a bit “loose”. I sprain my ankles all the time, one tiny wrong step and wham. My shoulders are even worse, they are bad enough to give me constant pain. I keep doing something with my hips, goodness knows what, that sends pain down to my feet and make me have stop for a while because I can’t even move my legs. That’s over quickly thankfully 🙂

But my back… oh sweet someone… I keep injuring that damn thing and it is not going away easily. And the pain is so bad. Obviously I’m lucky enough not to be able to take any painmedication because it makes me sick.

What I CAN do for my back is strengthening my core, help it protect my spine and help keep those damn disks in place. Now, if you’ve read this far, you have probably figured out already that there’s a “but” coming. Right?

Right. But!

Here’s how bad my back is, and how weak my core is – I can’t even do all of the easiest physical therapy there is without horrible pain to my lower back!


I used to do deadlifts pretty often, and with a high weight that was a damn fine workout for my abs too, but I need more physical therapy for my shoulders before I can do that again.

So… what else was there? I didn’t know. I found out by chance – yoga!

Yoga once/week turned out to be great for my core! The yoga teacher that’s working at my gym as the perfect kind of yoga for me and my body (though, I DID manage to sprain my ankle at class once…). After some time I noticed how my posture had gotten better. And that I was able to do ALL of the physical therapy I needed. That’s pretty great!

I haven’t been able to go to ypga since last year due to health reasons, and it has taken all the progress away from me. My back and core is back on zero. I need to start over. And I will! As soon as I can move without wanting to kill someone out of pain… It shouldn’t be too mich longer now. All I can do for my pain right now is going for walks.

I’m doing as much yoga as I can at home. It’s not much since I can’t really move my legs like I need to, but it’s better than nothing. I focus on the “can”, not the “can’t”. Well, unless you count this post…. there’s a lot of “can’t” in here 😛 But that’s just to give you an idea of what’s going on 🙂

(And a chance for me to whine a bit, before I can go back to my “can” 🙂 )


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