Cheats and cookies and good food

I use my bujo to track my weightloss. Well, I just started, but this is how it’s looking so far:

The pink is my weight and the blue/green is my belly. I’ve lost a total of 11kg from my heaviest right now.

I have my mealplan and everything in my bujo. It’s a own-made one since I can’t actually afford to pay someone to help me. But it’s ok, it’s working. Now that my body (because of my health) is doing better it is better at doing what I want it to.

I’m really good at sticking to my one-cookie-a-day plan (when reading). I eat healthy food that I really love, I always choose food that I WANT and that I think is GOOD so I’m never missing out on anything 🙂 And then there’s the cheat meal once/week, mmm!!

Today however…. today I am so close to losing my mind, so I ate 10 cookies and a bag of crisps! I’m getting my birthcontrol injection on thursday so.. My hormones are all over the place. Crying – laughing – anger – crying – sulking and so on and on and on.

But whatever. It’s one time 🙂


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