Weight, numbers, photos

The week that has now come to and end has not had much in it.

Since 2 weeks ago, nothing has changed when it comes to my weight, I’m on the same number as then. But like I’ve said before, I’m in a lot of pain, I’m taking painkillers, I’m giving all my energy to feeling better. And it’s almost time to get an injection for birthcontrol, so I’m retaining quite a bit of water… So it’s a good thing, I haven’t gained anything 🙂

I have been walking and eating healthy and taking care of myself (I keep looking at the photo I wrote about yesterday, it just makes me happy!)

Oh yeah, I snuk in a cheeseburger there and it was goood!!

The week really went by in a hurry to me. I’ve started to learn better spanish (I’ve bought the Harry Potter books in spanish and I’m reading them no to learn more).

I’ll see you tomorrow!


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