This morning I saw that a part of my upper back was all red. A triangle 🙂 I missed that part whit my dearly beloved spf 50+ yesterday. Shoot…

It’s almost a perfect triangle, a little rounded, but it looks pretty cute. So I thought I would take a picture of it. I stood in front of the mirror, turned my back, held up my phone/camera and I realized, “hey, I look damn good naked!” So I went ahead and took two photos of myself from the side/back. In the nude. I really LOVE both pictures! That has never happened before, so happiness was pretty high.

At first, I just figured I would have them to remind me of that feeling. Then I thought I should post them on instagram and # bodypositive and show that, when overweight, you can a) look great as hell naked and b) be happy with yourself.

Lately we’ve seen LOTS of naked men, from behind, on all kinds of social media and they have gotten so much positive respons. So that was good.

Or nah…

I realized I can’t post any of those 2 pictures of me. Not because there is anything wrong with them. But I am a woman and I am not thin.

A fit man can post it and get really positive respons.

A fit woman can post it and get a mixture of positive and negative respons (a lot of “slut” and “whore” will be commented).

An overweight woman can post it and get nasty comments.

From the angle I took the photos, I don’t look big, so I’m guessing the comments would be more like the ones a fit woman would get. Still sad…

Had I been male, I could easily post.

I am female, I am looking for a job = I can’t post it.

We all know a woman will get judged way worse than a man, men who post these kinds of photos are celebrated. Women who post them, as a way to celebrate all types of bodies, get fired. So I had to chose. Post or not to post? Celebrate the female body and risk not getting hired?

I can’t afford to take any chanses… I’m not a fit male, so… I took another photo, fully dressed, and posted that instead…

I would like to post the others as well. But I need an income again, and can’t risk it.

So there will be no # bodypositive post from me in the way I wanted. But I did get to post this, here, about the double standards regarding what you can and can not do depending on what’s between your legs.

I would also like to add, I look hot as hell both with and without clothes! But since society is the way it is, you’re gonna have to take my word for 50% of that 😉


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