My mental wellness

Physical wellbeing/wellness is so important. But often, mental wellness is forgotten. It is, however, much more important. If your head isn’t where it should, nothing will work as it is supposed.

I always take time to sit back and relax, breathe, do what I can to lower my stress levels. But what helps me the most, is the geek within me 🙂

With these things (and so… sooo… many more) I feel pretty good. However, I really need a new job so I can keep buying!

I love to read, I love science, I love Doctor Who, I love Stargate SG1, I just love so many things. The downside to it is how expensive it is (when out of work). The upside is that I always have something to do! When I feel myself gowing the wrong way, mentally, I know I can “get it together” with the help of the geek inside me. And a bit of chocolate when needed 😛

Sitting, breathing, relaxing, reading, thinking, humming, looking… just taking it easy, is much forgotten in the world today. If you’re on the bus you hear people screaming and shouting. If you go to dinner people around will be on their phones. If you do anything at all, people will stress and stress and stress.

Please remember to stop, breathe and relax!

I want to make it very clear, that I do not have a depression or anything like that. If I did, this would not help. It is not that easy to recover from a depression. When I write about mental wellness, it is solely my own I am talking about. This, above, is what is keeping my head above the surface. I have two types of tachycardia and I am not physically well, it is more than enough to really tear you apart…


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