Cravings… I simply need that to look forward to

I get cravings for all kinds of things ALL. THE. TIME! Losing weight/getting healthier isn’t always easy even if you are really good at making the right choices.

My cravings are for both food amd sweets. Anything from a second and a third portion of food, to that 200g chocolate bar. Neither is a very smart choice.

Mostly it’s all avout ignoring that evil little voice in the back of your head telling you that “it’s only one time” or “it’s really bot that big of a deal, it’s not THAT much extra” etc. If you’re anything like me, you know that it IS a big deal and that it IS that much extra. For that one time will turn in to another. And another. And another…

I have my super-awesome wookiee-cookies jar and it is filled with chocolate chip cookies. Oh yes!

(Those are the first cookies I tried. They were darn yummy too.)

Every day, I have a cookie (some times, I have 2!!) when I’m reading in the evening. That way it is easier to say no to that evil voice. I know I have a treat waiting for me.

The reason I chose to plan this for my days, is that I know I need to have something to keep me “in line”. I simply need that to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “Cravings… I simply need that to look forward to

  1. You’ve got a very sensible approach to cravings. I’m the same, I have a little bit of chocolate every evening so I don’t go mad and eat tonnes in one go! Great post 😊


    • Thank you, I had a bit of chocolate home for a while and the idea wad to have a little bit when I read… Turns out I can NOT have chocolate home.. nope.. Cookies however, not a problem. Like you said, better a little bit every evening than going mad!

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