Oh, how I love food!!

I really do. I love food! People think that this is why I gained weight in the beginning. It’s not. That would be my thyroid. But it’s still easy to eat way too much. I will gladly go back for more.

Since I have POTS, I have to really think about what I eat and how much. Right there is “no more seconds!”… No sugar. No rice. No pasta. Very little potatoes of it’s not late and I’m not doing anything after eating.

This is mostly what I eat:

It’s really good food and I really love it! (I do, however, miss lots of yummy things). As for my weightloss, well, it doesn’t suffer from the food I eat 🙂

Today, I actually had pizza since I’m coming down with a cold and I feel like crap. I had it at ~ 16.30 and now, at 19.50, I’m still flat on my back on the sofa trying to function.. I’ve been trying to go to bed since 18 but my body just will not cooperate. I’m gonna try again when this is posted.

Tomorrow… I’m thinking chicken. Since I’m not well I won’t be doing anything tomorrow night, so there will most likely be mashed potatoes!!

Good night 💖


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