Workout tracker

After way too many “POTS days” my body is slowly getting better. The biggest sign of that, is the fact that I’ve actually started to lose weight again! It has taken sooo long… I kid you not, I have been crying myself to sleep more than once because of how bad I felt, both in regards to my POTS and to my physical health because of my weight.

For exactly one month now (today) I have been bullet journaling. Yesterday I saw a workouttracker that some had made, and it inspired my own. I haven’t had a very good one as I could bot figure put how I wanted it. But here it is:

I am so happy with it! (I have already fixed the second o in ‘workout’.)

Today I had a full day at Copenhagen Zoo, I was supposed to wrote down how many steps that turned in to, but my Razer Nabu died at around 13.00… It came go 7160 then nothing, but oh well. I was there for 2 more hours so 🙂

I use my bullet journal for pretty much everything, and it is absolutely BRILLIANT!!


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