Chocolate! And Pepsi! And… and nothing…

You’re down… You’re so sad… For so many reasons. And you know, you know, that it won’t get better. Not any time soon anyway. And it makes you feel even worse. It makes you even more sad. It’s ripping you apart and you just can’t take how sad you are. You are basically losing yourself.

That’s how I feel at the moment. Lost, cast away from society. Like I don’t matter.

This is not at all like me, I’m a happy and positive person. But even a happy and positive person can fall down so far that getting up again feel like an impossible task.

So there’s the chocolate. And the pepsi. Both are so good at helping you calm down. You feel a bit better. You relax. You even smile. And it can be a pretty big smile!

But then what? What happens after?

You’re sad again. You’re back down in your hole. And you’re feeling worse than you did before. And then, you just keep spiraling down. Out of control. Down, down and further down.

Then, at some point, you stop and you think. What are you doing? Why are you making things harder for yourself? Will that chocolate really make things better? Will that can of divine Pepsi really make things better for you? In the long run, I mean.
Will it really help you?

What have I done? Why am I doing this? Why did I think this was a good idea, or even worth it?

What can all that sugar really do for me? Nothing! Not a damn thing… in the long run.
Actually, on that point I’m wrong. It does do something in the long run. It ruins me, physically. It’s really not good for me.
But it feel so good! But it’s only for a moment…

No. I can’t do this. I need to stop and get out of this spiral before it gets really bad!

It’s sadness, not depression, so I can do it on my own. But I need a plan… (I like having plans!)

Firstly, the source to me being sad?
My horrible backpain (since my injury may 26th), me being 1 paycheck away from nothig, me being so absolutely lonely all the time with no one to talk to, me having close to no money as it is.

I know these can be seen as stupid reasons to be sad. But you know what, if it’s hurting, it’s hurting. That’s just the way it is!

I have about a million notebooks, soΒ why not use one to write out a really good plan for me to use to get back on my feet (as well as I can)?

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes πŸ™‚

(If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. If you want to write something and keep it private, just say so in the comment and I won’t publish it.)



Netflix now, emotions later…

I’m not really happy these days… My last paycheck isΒ a month from now, then I’m back to being poor(er). It’s not like working 50% is making you rich, but it’s a bit better than not having anything.

Because of my diagnosis (2 types of tachycardia, one being disabeling) is making it really har dto find a job. It took me years last time. YEARS! I am now looking at, possibly, more years of nothing and no money, and that doesn’t give a veryΒ nice feeling…

So I do the only thing I can do. I wait for the Unemployment office to do theirs (and they refuse to…), while I try to figure out each and every place that could work with my health.
Tt doesn’t give me much to do during the days. After going for a walk and doing my physical therapy (that I can’t do atm, I need to talk to a physical therapist first), I still have to do something. So this is my day now:
– Going for walks.
– Doing physical therapy.
– Learning spanish (on my own, than you Harry Potter en espaΓ±ol πŸ™‚ )
– …. taking a nap?

And what more? It’s not like I have enough money to do something, there’s a price to pretty much everything, I went online to find Everything thtI could do for free or for a low price and found a few things. Not much, but it’s something,

Other then that?
Well, there’s always Netflix to get your emotions aimed towards caracters and not real lie. So that’s good too. I guess.

I’m back :)

I know I’ve been MIA for a short time, I’ve had som problems with my painmedication, and I’ve been in pretty bad shape. I had to stop taking the medication after only 5 days, I got what they called “withdrawal symptoms” while on it. I got pretty damn ill, I even stopped breathing while sleeping. I can’t even describe how scary it was!

But now I’m better. My back is still hurting like hell, but after the problems with the medication, I’m ok with that…


Who will ever love you?

This week I have nothing on the weightfront, the painmedication is messing that up pretty good…

But I have another topic in mind, something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while, but have’t gotten the strength to. Looks. Beauty.

As a child, I had golden, red hair:

I will never reember the day I got to daycare in brand new winter clothes, they had both red and pink in them. I was so happy and I felt so pretty! And the very first thing I got from the person taking care of me and my younger brother was that I couldn’t wear that. Didn’t I know you can’t wear red and pink together? That it’s ugly! That kids with my red hair can’t wear whatever we want becuase it will look ugly!

That was the first time. Not the last. Not even close.

Growing up I was always told I was ugly (by grown ups!) and that nobody would ever like me.
As I got older, my hair got lighter and then blonde, with a tiny hint of red in it. It didn’t help much. I was still ugly.

When I was in 7th grade (13 years old) I was waiting outside a classroom, looking at one of my books. I was early, the only one there and a woman walked by. I didn’t know she was there until she spoke to me – “no one will ever want to be your friend as long as you look like that!”
Would you like to guess who that woman was? THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR!
She told me I wasn’t pretty when I “looked the way I did” and I needed to change that if I wanted anyone to love me.
Here’s the thing, it wasn’t even my clothes or anything like that she was commenting on. It was my face… I have really hooded eyelides and the corners of my mouth are pointing down a little bit. This made me look bad and I needed to change it.
I was 13 years old. What exactly did the school counselor think I should do? Beats me, she left. I stood there, trying to figure out what the heck just happened… Then I realized she was right. I mean, peoaple had been telling em I was ugly since I was a little kid, so that was it. I was ugly.

This is me now, without makeup, on a (very) sunny day:

And this is me now, with light makeup:

I have really thin hair, so why bother with it? But I like it this way πŸ™‚

I’m an adult now. And guess what… I still think I’m ugly.
People have told me all my life that I am, so I guess I am. They have never focused on my body, no, it has always been my face. My eyes are ugly because they’re too hooded. My lips are ugly because they point down. I’m ugly because I have freckles (that have gotten pretty ligh these days). I’m ugly because I’m so pale. I’m ugly because my teeth aren’t white enough. I’m ugl because my hair isn’t thick enough.

I could go on and on about why people think I’m ugly, but I won’t becuase I’m getting sad now…

Not a summer goes by without people telling me I should show some respect and stay Indoors (because I’m so pale). I should kill myself. I shuld hang myself. I should drown myself, or “better yet, we should drown you because that’s what you do to vermin”. Or the more common ones that say I’m so ugly I deserve to be raped or murdered (or sometimes both). I look lik a pig and nobody wants to have me around people don’t even like taking photos with me because I’m so pale, “it ruins the picture”…

Yeah. I know. I’m ugly.

A woman once asked how long it takes for someone to get over being treated this way, I didn’t answer her. But I promise I will let you guys know when it happens πŸ™‚

Every now and then someone tells me I look great and I get suspicious, what do they want? What are they after? Oh, they must mean my dress is cute, right? Maybe my purse is pretty? Yeah… that’s probably it.

At times, I still wonder what’s so wrong with me, that I got this wonderful deal in life. Why did people have to treat me like this growing up? But since so many did, it must be true…

I guess I’m just asking for one thing, one simple thing – please don’t make fun of people πŸ™‚

I’m sorry if there’s a bunch of spelling errors, I don’t really feel like going back to correct anything in this post.

Ps 2,
If you’re rude to me or anyone else here, I will block you!

For the love of books!

Relaaax, everything will be OK!

Or at least that’s how it feels when I’m reading ❀ It’s the one thing that makes me calm down and relax. It’s like everything bad just goes away for a while.

Two days ago I was given painmedication from my doctor. My back is so bad he gave me OxyContin and OxyNorm. That’s morphine!! Do you have any idea how bad it has to be for a doctor in Sweden even THINK about giving someone that? Yeah…

I LOVE not being in pain, but I’m really not feeling too great otherwise from it. I sleep a lot and I’ve even been throwing up (for the second time in my life!!). I can hardly eat…

But the sad thing is that I can’t read… I can’t focus on what I’m reading and I can’t really remember what I’m reading. I didn’t know not being able to read would hurt this much…

I’d like to show you my bookshelf:

I also use it to turn my livingroom in to 2 rooms. One loud and one quiet. As soon as I get a job and get money again, I’m going to buy another that I can fill with all kinds of books too. I’m swedish, so obviously it will be from IKEA πŸ˜‰ I have my eyes on this beauty:

My favourite thing about reading isn’t just that it helps me relax, it’s the travel-to-different-worlds-thing too. When you’re a few pages in you start to see everything like a mo ie in your mind, amd the more your read, the bigger that world gets. It’s so wonderful! Movies just aren’t the same (don’t get me wrong, I still love movies!). When you watch a movie, someone else is showing you their idea of the world the author is writing about, and it can be so beautiful. But when you read about and that same world is growing bigger with every page… nothing can compare to that ❀

I can easily sit there and read hour after hour after hour. It just makes me feel so good, and happy, and relaxed, and calm.

For a moment, I get to forget everything around me. I get to forget all the horrible things in this world. I get to feel good in the most honest and true way there is!

This last photo is my diningroom table, it is 70 years old and my maternal grandparents bought it after they got married. I absolutely love it! I am currently learning more spanish, so that right there is the first Harry Potter book in spanish πŸ™‚ The painting is bought at SweetLoveSugar at Emporia here in MalmΓΆ (, I love all their stuff! I’m gonna post a video on my instagram ( @jeas_wellness ) soon where I will show you my livingroom. I’ve been meaning to do that for some time now, but for some reason it just hasn’t happened yet..

What is your favourite book? And where is your favourite reading spot?

Yoga ftw

I have kind of bad joints. I guess the best description is that some of them are a bit “loose”. I sprain my ankles all the time, one tiny wrong step and wham. My shoulders are even worse, they are bad enough to give me constant pain. I keep doing something with my hips, goodness knows what, that sends pain down to my feet and make me have stop for a while because I can’t even move my legs. That’s over quickly thankfully πŸ™‚

But my back… oh sweet someone… I keep injuring that damn thing and it is not going away easily. And the pain is so bad. Obviously I’m lucky enough not to be able to take any painmedication because it makes me sick.

What I CAN do for my back is strengthening my core, help it protect my spine and help keep those damn disks in place. Now, if you’ve read this far, you have probably figured out already that there’s a “but” coming. Right?

Right. But!

Here’s how bad my back is, and how weak my core is – I can’t even do all of the easiest physical therapy there is without horrible pain to my lower back!


I used to do deadlifts pretty often, and with a high weight that was a damn fine workout for my abs too, but I need more physical therapy for my shoulders before I can do that again.

So… what else was there? I didn’t know. I found out by chance – yoga!

Yoga once/week turned out to be great for my core! The yoga teacher that’s working at my gym as the perfect kind of yoga for me and my body (though, I DID manage to sprain my ankle at class once…). After some time I noticed how my posture had gotten better. And that I was able to do ALL of the physical therapy I needed. That’s pretty great!

I haven’t been able to go to ypga since last year due to health reasons, and it has taken all the progress away from me. My back and core is back on zero. I need to start over. And I will! As soon as I can move without wanting to kill someone out of pain… It shouldn’t be too mich longer now. All I can do for my pain right now is going for walks.

I’m doing as much yoga as I can at home. It’s not much since I can’t really move my legs like I need to, but it’s better than nothing. I focus on the “can”, not the “can’t”. Well, unless you count this post…. there’s a lot of “can’t” in here πŸ˜› But that’s just to give you an idea of what’s going on πŸ™‚

(And a chance for me to whine a bit, before I can go back to my “can” πŸ™‚ )

Cheats and cookies and good food

I use my bujo to track my weightloss. Well, I just started, but this is how it’s looking so far:

The pink is my weight and the blue/green is my belly. I’ve lost a total of 11kg from my heaviest right now.

I have my mealplan and everything in my bujo. It’s a own-made one since I can’t actually afford to pay someone to help me. But it’s ok, it’s working. Now that my body (because of my health) is doing better it is better at doing what I want it to.

I’m really good at sticking to my one-cookie-a-day plan (when reading). I eat healthy food that I really love, I always choose food that I WANT and that I think is GOOD so I’m never missing out on anything πŸ™‚ And then there’s the cheat meal once/week, mmm!!

Today however…. today I am so close to losing my mind, so I ate 10 cookies and a bag of crisps! I’m getting my birthcontrol injection on thursday so.. My hormones are all over the place. Crying – laughing – anger – crying – sulking and so on and on and on.

But whatever. It’s one time πŸ™‚

Weight, numbers, photos

The week that has now come to and end has not had much in it.

Since 2 weeks ago, nothing has changed when it comes to my weight, I’m on the same number as then. But like I’ve said before, I’m in a lot of pain, I’m taking painkillers, I’m giving all my energy to feeling better. And it’s almost time to get an injection for birthcontrol, so I’m retaining quite a bit of water… So it’s a good thing, I haven’t gained anything πŸ™‚

I have been walking and eating healthy and taking care of myself (I keep looking at the photo I wrote about yesterday, it just makes me happy!)

Oh yeah, I snuk in a cheeseburger there and it was goood!!

The week really went by in a hurry to me. I’ve started to learn better spanish (I’ve bought the Harry Potter books in spanish and I’m reading them no to learn more).

I’ll see you tomorrow!


This morning I saw that a part of my upper back was all red. A triangle πŸ™‚ I missed that part whit my dearly beloved spf 50+ yesterday. Shoot…

It’s almost a perfect triangle, a little rounded, but it looks pretty cute. So I thought I would take a picture of it. I stood in front of the mirror, turned my back, held up my phone/camera and I realized, “hey, I look damn good naked!” So I went ahead and took two photos of myself from the side/back. In the nude. I really LOVE both pictures! That has never happened before, so happiness was pretty high.

At first, I just figured I would have them to remind me of that feeling. Then I thought I should post them on instagram and # bodypositive and show that, when overweight, you can a) look great as hell naked and b) be happy with yourself.

Lately we’ve seen LOTS of naked men, from behind, on all kinds of social media and they have gotten so much positive respons. So that was good.

Or nah…

I realized I can’t post any of those 2 pictures of me. Not because there is anything wrong with them. But I am a woman and I am not thin.

A fit man can post it and get really positive respons.

A fit woman can post it and get a mixture of positive and negative respons (a lot of “slut” and “whore” will be commented).

An overweight woman can post it and get nasty comments.

From the angle I took the photos, I don’t look big, so I’m guessing the comments would be more like the ones a fit woman would get. Still sad…

Had I been male, I could easily post.

I am female, I am looking for a job = I can’t post it.

We all know a woman will get judged way worse than a man, men who post these kinds of photos are celebrated. Women who post them, as a way to celebrate all types of bodies, get fired. So I had to chose. Post or not to post? Celebrate the female body and risk not getting hired?

I can’t afford to take any chanses… I’m not a fit male, so… I took another photo, fully dressed, and posted that instead…

I would like to post the others as well. But I need an income again, and can’t risk it.

So there will be no # bodypositive post from me in the way I wanted. But I did get to post this, here, about the double standards regarding what you can and can not do depending on what’s between your legs.

I would also like to add, I look hot as hell both with and without clothes! But since society is the way it is, you’re gonna have to take my word for 50% of that πŸ˜‰

My mental wellness

Physical wellbeing/wellness is so important. But often, mental wellness is forgotten. It is, however, much more important. If your head isn’t where it should, nothing will work as it is supposed.

I always take time to sit back and relax, breathe, do what I can to lower my stress levels. But what helps me the most, is the geek within me πŸ™‚

With these things (and so… sooo… many more) I feel pretty good. However, I really need a new job so I can keep buying!

I love to read, I love science, I love Doctor Who, I love Stargate SG1, I just love so many things. The downside to it is how expensive it is (when out of work). The upside is that I always have something to do! When I feel myself gowing the wrong way, mentally, I know I can “get it together” with the help of the geek inside me. And a bit of chocolate when needed πŸ˜›

Sitting, breathing, relaxing, reading, thinking, humming, looking… just taking it easy, is much forgotten in the world today. If you’re on the bus you hear people screaming and shouting. If you go to dinner people around will be on their phones. If you do anything at all, people will stress and stress and stress.

Please remember to stop, breathe and relax!

I want to make it very clear, that I do not have a depression or anything like that. If I did, this would not help. It is not that easy to recover from a depression. When I write about mental wellness, it is solely my own I am talking about. This, above, is what is keeping my head above the surface. I have two types of tachycardia and I am not physically well, it is more than enough to really tear you apart…