Losing weight… somehow…

“Juat do this!” “Just do that!”
You can get a friendly, or quite unfriendly, advice anywhere and anytime, and the person talking always sound as if it is the easiest thing in the world to lose weight. “Just”, “only”, “calories in and calories out”.

Yes, in theory, it is easy, unbelievably easy. But that’s not always how it is in real Life.

First of all,ย if you decide to lose weight, make sure you do it for YOU! The only reason should be that it is something that you’re doing for yourself. I know we get pressured from media and social media. Look like this, look like that, don’t wear clothes above this size, don’t show yourself if your waist is too big… Social medi can be horrible if you are insecure about your body. But it can also be a blessing (yes, #bodypositive, I’m looking at you!) You can find inspiration to pretty much anything. But be careful, the trolls are out there, and they are not nice.

Now. Once you have decided that losing weight is somethting you want to do, please don’t jump on the first diet that someone tells you about. Don’t starve yourself (that’s the most important advice I will give you in this post)!
Do you want to go to the gym? Do you prefer going on walks? Do you like neither and is BFF with your Playstation? There is no wrong here. You can lose weight no matter what kind of personality you have. Food is much more important than anything else. You can’t “out train” a bad diet, as they say. And who hasn’t see the “abs are made in the kitchen”?

Do your research, do you want to count calories? There are apps to help with that. Do you want to join WeightWatchers? They have both app and meetings. Do you want to start bad ass work outs at he gym? There are apps for that too.

What feels best to you? You need to chose what fits you. I eat whatever I want, just less of it, and not all the time. I also go to the gym. If I’m going to do a bunch of physical therapy, I might as well make my time there count ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you want to weigh yourself? You don’t have to. You can use a tapemeasure – chest, waist, belly, butt, legs. Some measure arms and neck too.ย Or you can take a photo of yourself in the same underwear every now and then to see what’s happening. Totally up to you!

I use my blog to document my journey. I have a journal that I fill with my workouts, I plan them one week ahead. I take photos to document my progress (not a lot of fun in the beginning, but when the results come, wow!) Actually, I sort of use my instagram for it, too ( @jeas_wellness ).

I eat good food. I enjoy a treat on weekends or when I go somewhere. I go to the gym. I go for walks. I’m enjoying life!



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