But you’re not even fat!!

I have said it before, and I will say it again – I know how to dress to change how I look!

No, I am not fat, but I am overweight!
If you have a slightly bigger belly, or slightly bigger boobs, than the average model/teenager, you know the struggle. Clothes? Odd fit. Jackets? How are we supposed to close it over our boobs? That’s what scarves are for?
Certain clothes are just not for us. I have chosen not to name the clothing companies that are really bad in this text, I will, however, name those that work a bit better. (Now remember, as always, these brands work for me. Do you have a tip on another one that is good, leave a comment and let’s help eachother out!)

This is me. In undies.

All 3 photos are taken today, within 5 minutes of eachother.
Left photo – the bra, with no straps, that I should use because of horrible neck pain from using a regular one. I’m just standing, relaxed, taking a photo.
Middle photo – one of the most comfortable bras ever, from Primark (yes, they have some in odd sizes!!) As there are straps on this one, my boobs have “lifted” a bit, and I look a tiny bit slimmer. I’m still just standing relaxed while taking a photo.
Right photo – here, I’m thinking about my posture and “posing”. I’m not sucking my belly in for all I’m worth, I’m just “flexing” the tiny abs that are hiding somewhere underneath that pale stuff 🙂

Let’s have a look from the side.

Left photo – semi relaxed.
Middle photo – relaxed.
Right photo – posing and, again, flexing those tiny, hidden abs.

With the right bra, my boobs get a lift and suddenly, I look a bit slimmer.

Let’s have a look with clothes on, shall we?

Left – strapless bra, low cut jeans.
Right – better bra and high waisted jeans.
No weightloss, but one hell of a work out getting in those high waisted jeans!!

And from the side:

It’s quite a difference, isn’t it?

If you want to dress to look smaller, these are my tips for you. If you don’t want to, good for you 🙂
Whatever you wear, however you look, remember to always do what feels right to YOU! You are the one that needs to be happy with yourself, not someone else. I know it’s not easy, it takes work. But it’s worth it!

The strapless bra is from Hünkemöller (Emporia, Malmö, Sweden), the have in odd sizes and can sometimes help you even if you don’t ffind a size at the store. I was offered to have a bra sent to a tailor to make sure it would fit me! This one is part of their basic bras.
The pink bra and panties are from Primark (Las Arenas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Bra is from november 2015 and panties from december 2016.
Jeans and t-shirt are from New Yorker (Emporia, Malmö, Sweden). They don’t have bigger sizes, I think the largest are XL and 42 (I don’t know sizes in other countries).

If you want to talk or just vent something about this, or your body, or just thought about clothes (or anything) in general, leave a comment.

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