195 minutes…

195 minutes… That’s for how long I’ve been walking today! Not all in one, but still, that’s 3 hours and 15 minutes! So, I’m gonna go for it, and say my new medication is helping 🙂

The first walk was to Västra Hamnen, with 2 stops. One for a sunday snack and one for some food. This is from then:

The other duck understood that there is a much bigger chance for food if you stand by the little child at the next table 🙂

It was a really nice walk, however I forgot to bring water… don’t forget t bring water…

The second walk was a few hours later at Pildammarna (Pildmmsparken), these are from then:

I tihnk I have a blister under a toe… I can’t find it, but I can feel it when I walk… One sumer, I got 114 blisters on my feet. My feet don’t do too well in warm weather… Nothing helps, absolutely nothing. But I’m used to it now, it doesn’t even hurt to break them anymore.

On another note. It’s sunday, so:
Weightloss – down 1kg.
Centimetres over my waist – down 3,5cm.
Centimetres over my belly – down 2cm.
So yay on that 🙂


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