that’s just so wrong

No photos… How did I manage to get ZERO photos from a total of 2 walks? That’s… that’s just so wrong… πŸ˜›

Earlier today I walked to Emporia to see if I could find a jacket. It took 50 minutes and it was so warm I couldn’t believe it! It did NOT seem that warm when leaving home.
Then I got home, I ate and then I got a all, “do you wanna go for a walk?”… Yeah.. ok.. So 70 minutes there πŸ™‚

I’m not sure ho much water I’ve been drinking since I got home from my second walk, but it’s quite a bit. So warm… It was 19 degrees in the shade wen we left, and when I got home I saw that it was 31 degrees in the sun. So, yeah, water!

Since I doubled up on my new medicin I feel a bit better. My body is coping a bit better. But really feel what a long way I have before me for a “full” recovery. I’m hoping for a full recovery, but who knows.

Right now I’m too tired to think. I keep yawning. I’m hungry too, but my POTS won’t let me eat, so I’m gonna have to wait. It’s a super strange feeling to be really hungry but not beΒ able to eat anything.



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