The best place on earth!

Can you guess where I am? Hint, there are pillows. Oh you got it, I’m in bed 🙂

Something has happened that drained all my energi (yes, my POTS does not react well to certain things, such as stress). Fortunately, I had already decided to have a rest day today. Not because my neck is getting better, but because each and every muscle in my body is sore from physical therapy!! Oh sweet someone I can hardly even laugh…
Before going to bed, I packed my gym clothes for tomorrow. I even chose a shirt that’s a bit tight. Due to healthreasons, I have gained 17kg… And this is killing me mentally. Not the fact that I’ve gained weight, but the fact that I have NOT EATEN in a way that could cause it… I’m hoping that now, while I’m between jobs, I can focus fully on my health and lose that weight (and an additional 10kg). What’s the point of me telling you this? The shirt I chose, was a pretty big deal for me. I love myself, but I’m always so sure people are looking (aren’t we all?). But now I just thought “f*ck it, this one is so comfortable!” and grabbed it!

Now here comes a bit TMI for some, but I have pretty big boobs, H-cup. And they’re “weightloss boobs” = not even close to the “ideal” look. At my last gym, there were quite a few people who liked to point and laugh at every body that didn’t fit the so-called ideal body. I hated it there, and left without even finding a new gym. I didn’t want to set foot at one. THAT’S how bad I felt. I felt ugly, fat, discusting, and just completely worthless…

Now… Now I go to Nordic Wellness at Emporia/Hyllie. I started there just over a year ago (after learning to love myself again). It’s so different here! Not once have I been laughed at in the shower because of how I look. Not once have someone looked funny at me for being a bit bigger. Not once. So now I shower and dress without a care. And I pick that shirt, the one that’s a bit tight.

And here I am. In bed, happy with myself. Happy over what I chose for myself. Happy that I feel this good at the gym.

But most important of all, I’m happy because I get to go to sleep now!


Working out to lose weight

What to choose, what to choose… How DO you choose?

If you haven’t worked out before, it can be hard to choose what to do, what’s for you. For me it was easy, there was a gym 2 minutes away that had nothing but weights. So lazy me just went with it. Luckily, I loved it!

Can you do any kind of exercise when losing weight? Yes, absolutely!
Do you like yoga? Do it.
Do you prefer Zumba? Go for it.
Are you curious about Bodypump? Try it out.
Do you want nothing to do with any of it? You dont have to!
I will say this though, try something before deciding it’s not for you! You’ll be surprised how many people change their minds after just one go.
I may have, sort of, forced my mother to try Zumba, something she has been VERY vocal about NEVER trying! Never, in a million years, would she EVER set foot in the same room as a Zumba class. After? She was hooked, she’s absoutely in love with it!

I like yoga, Bodybalance, Zumba, lifting weights, and, in a way, HIIT and cardio.
At the moment, I only do HIIT, cardio and weight lifting. My POTs isn’t well enough for the rest. But it’s never too late 🙂

So what if you decide you don’t like it at all? None of it. Or if it’s just too expensive for you? Because joining a gym can be hell on yor wallet. Do you really need to work out to lose weight?
No, you don’t. Working out, in what ever form it may be, is a bonus for your body. It’s as simple as this – if you don’t like it, don’t do it! Keeping up with a work out that you don’t like/hate will eventually make you stop. And it will ruin your days completey. If you’re not happy, then what’s the point? There’s always that nice walk in the sunshine 🙂

Why do I like it?
I love the feeling of doing something with my body. I love the tired feeling you get after. I love the happy feeling I get. I love getting stronger. I love getting faster. I love how good it makes me feel, mentally!

And thank goodness, because I neeed physical therapy (at the gym) 6 days/week!!

What’s your favourite workout? If you could try anything, what would it be?
And, what kind do you absolutely HATE? (And why?)

Losing weight… somehow…

“Juat do this!” “Just do that!”
You can get a friendly, or quite unfriendly, advice anywhere and anytime, and the person talking always sound as if it is the easiest thing in the world to lose weight. “Just”, “only”, “calories in and calories out”.

Yes, in theory, it is easy, unbelievably easy. But that’s not always how it is in real Life.

First of all, if you decide to lose weight, make sure you do it for YOU! The only reason should be that it is something that you’re doing for yourself. I know we get pressured from media and social media. Look like this, look like that, don’t wear clothes above this size, don’t show yourself if your waist is too big… Social medi can be horrible if you are insecure about your body. But it can also be a blessing (yes, #bodypositive, I’m looking at you!) You can find inspiration to pretty much anything. But be careful, the trolls are out there, and they are not nice.

Now. Once you have decided that losing weight is somethting you want to do, please don’t jump on the first diet that someone tells you about. Don’t starve yourself (that’s the most important advice I will give you in this post)!
Do you want to go to the gym? Do you prefer going on walks? Do you like neither and is BFF with your Playstation? There is no wrong here. You can lose weight no matter what kind of personality you have. Food is much more important than anything else. You can’t “out train” a bad diet, as they say. And who hasn’t see the “abs are made in the kitchen”?

Do your research, do you want to count calories? There are apps to help with that. Do you want to join WeightWatchers? They have both app and meetings. Do you want to start bad ass work outs at he gym? There are apps for that too.

What feels best to you? You need to chose what fits you. I eat whatever I want, just less of it, and not all the time. I also go to the gym. If I’m going to do a bunch of physical therapy, I might as well make my time there count 🙂

Do you want to weigh yourself? You don’t have to. You can use a tapemeasure – chest, waist, belly, butt, legs. Some measure arms and neck too. Or you can take a photo of yourself in the same underwear every now and then to see what’s happening. Totally up to you!

I use my blog to document my journey. I have a journal that I fill with my workouts, I plan them one week ahead. I take photos to document my progress (not a lot of fun in the beginning, but when the results come, wow!) Actually, I sort of use my instagram for it, too ( @jeas_wellness ).

I eat good food. I enjoy a treat on weekends or when I go somewhere. I go to the gym. I go for walks. I’m enjoying life!

That’s a lot of physical therapy

Today is the first time, in a very long time, that I’m doing HIIT. Aaaand I’m already dead by typing that 😉

No, seriously, HIIT and physical therapy is written in my journal, so that’s what’s happening.


You need to write with style, you know that, right?

For those of you that doesn’t know what it says:
Monday – HIIT and physical therapy.
Tuesday – Cardio, physical therapy and core.
Wednesday – Cardio, physical therapy and full body workout.
Thursday – HIIT and physical therapy.
Friday – Cardio, physical therapy and core.
Saturday – Cardio, physical therapy and full body workout.

Yes, that’s a lot of physical therapy. That’s what you get for being intolerant to pretty much all medication that can help you AND have joints that are WAY too mobile… Since I’m not working at the moment, I can put all my energy and focus on my health.

Now, wish me luck, and I will see you later.

Numbers of the day

Down and down 🙂
My POTS has been acting up, again, but things are getting better and the swelling of my stomach is gone.

Todays numbers:
Weight: down 0,4kg
Waist: down 5cm
Largest part over my stomach: down 9cm


Taking those photos taught me to remember to clean the mirror!!!

Today is just another lazy sunday, watching Doctor Who ❤ That and making plans for the week to come – HIIT, cardio, physical therapy x2, food, etc.

But you’re not even fat!!

I have said it before, and I will say it again – I know how to dress to change how I look!

No, I am not fat, but I am overweight!
If you have a slightly bigger belly, or slightly bigger boobs, than the average model/teenager, you know the struggle. Clothes? Odd fit. Jackets? How are we supposed to close it over our boobs? That’s what scarves are for?
Certain clothes are just not for us. I have chosen not to name the clothing companies that are really bad in this text, I will, however, name those that work a bit better. (Now remember, as always, these brands work for me. Do you have a tip on another one that is good, leave a comment and let’s help eachother out!)

This is me. In undies.

All 3 photos are taken today, within 5 minutes of eachother.
Left photo – the bra, with no straps, that I should use because of horrible neck pain from using a regular one. I’m just standing, relaxed, taking a photo.
Middle photo – one of the most comfortable bras ever, from Primark (yes, they have some in odd sizes!!) As there are straps on this one, my boobs have “lifted” a bit, and I look a tiny bit slimmer. I’m still just standing relaxed while taking a photo.
Right photo – here, I’m thinking about my posture and “posing”. I’m not sucking my belly in for all I’m worth, I’m just “flexing” the tiny abs that are hiding somewhere underneath that pale stuff 🙂

Let’s have a look from the side.

Left photo – semi relaxed.
Middle photo – relaxed.
Right photo – posing and, again, flexing those tiny, hidden abs.

With the right bra, my boobs get a lift and suddenly, I look a bit slimmer.

Let’s have a look with clothes on, shall we?

Left – strapless bra, low cut jeans.
Right – better bra and high waisted jeans.
No weightloss, but one hell of a work out getting in those high waisted jeans!!

And from the side:

It’s quite a difference, isn’t it?

If you want to dress to look smaller, these are my tips for you. If you don’t want to, good for you 🙂
Whatever you wear, however you look, remember to always do what feels right to YOU! You are the one that needs to be happy with yourself, not someone else. I know it’s not easy, it takes work. But it’s worth it!

The strapless bra is from Hünkemöller (Emporia, Malmö, Sweden), the have in odd sizes and can sometimes help you even if you don’t ffind a size at the store. I was offered to have a bra sent to a tailor to make sure it would fit me! This one is part of their basic bras.
The pink bra and panties are from Primark (Las Arenas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Bra is from november 2015 and panties from december 2016.
Jeans and t-shirt are from New Yorker (Emporia, Malmö, Sweden). They don’t have bigger sizes, I think the largest are XL and 42 (I don’t know sizes in other countries).

If you want to talk or just vent something about this, or your body, or just thought about clothes (or anything) in general, leave a comment.

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My POTS does get worse

I’m making a list (and checking it twice) about things I want to share here, and today it is about POTS.

I wrote yesterday about the long walk in/to Copenhagen, 17km. The road to this has been a long one (pun intended). I didn’t start out by walking that far. My POTS made it very clear that it didn’t want to let me do it. Years ago, Before I knew it was POTS I had, I thought I wa jut lazy. That’s what doctors told me. I didn’t feel lazy, but I couldn’t do the things others did, so I figured they had to be right.

I didn’t want to be lazy, so I started walking a bit. Difficult, and no fun! At least at first. I just walked around where I lived, and it was just the same all the time. When I moved to Malmö, I continued to walk around where I now lived. Then I started going on longer walks. Not very long, and always the same way the bus went. That way I just got on the bus when it got too much. And I just continued like that. There were many, many times I had to call to have someone meet me at the bus stop because I was in such bad shape.

As the years went by, the walks got longer. And longer. And last year was the first time I could go on one long walk after the other. I have worked for years to be able to do this and I am so happy for it. My POTS does get worse for a while after I’ve been walking, but it’s worth it. I do plan for the walks. What I have on, what shoes I will hav, socs or no socs, what food I eat before and after, water, what I will do when I get home again etc. My life is all about planning, it’s the only way I can manage my days.

When I’ve been ill for a while, and off my feet, I need to start with shorter walks again, but then  I can go for longer ones pretty quickly again. The longer I’ve been out, the longer it will take to get back to “myself”. But I do it 🙂

I have worked SO HARD for SO MANY YEARS

Today I went for a walk. It was quite long. A whopping 17km with roughly 25000 steps. My feet hurt now… and I have a blister… and I’m cold… And I’m happy.
My POTS started acting up pretty soon. It was really windy and then the air at our first stop (indoors) was really bad. So I’ve had several blood pressure drops during the day. Every single time I went inside, it went south. It has gotten to the point that I can’t even eat without passing out now.

However, the walk was pretty nice. We went to Denmark, got off the train at Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport), then we walked to Field’s at Örestad (I can’t type the danish Ö on my computer). After lunch (fish & chips) we walked aorund to have a look, and then continued north to the central of Copenhagen. We bought something to eat, then headed for the bus back to the airport to take the train home. We were away for almost 6 hours and 45 minutes. This is where we walked:

Like I said, roughly 1,7 metric miles (if I have counted correctly, it’s almost 11 english miles).

We really wanted to stop at a nice coffee shop to have a snack, but ended up Walking by a total amount of ZERO. Or, actually, we saw one, but they didn’ have the kind of yummies we like 🙂 They did, however, have this outside the door:

I have seen those signs so often on instagram, now I finally found one myself!

I love the danish mail boxes:

And the entrance to Tivoli:

Al-in-all, it was a really great day. I am SO happy that my new medication is working so well that I can actually do this! I LOVE going for long walks. I have worked SO HARD for SO MANY YEARS to be able to do it (because of my POTS, it is NOT easy…) and I am so happy that this medication helps me continue ❤

Those were the photos from today, if you want to see a few more from Denmark, you can see them on my instastory at @jeas_wellness 🙂

I am super motivated

Today I bought some motivation, a Razer Nebu Watch, that this one:

I can see how many steps I’ve take, the distance I’ve walked, how many calories I burned, and I can keep track of my sleep (something I never bother with since my POTS doesn’t actually know the actual meaning of ‘sleep’). I can also read my texts (the bottom display), see who’s Calling, set alarm or get notified when my phone’s alarm go of, I see when someone follows me on instagram (*cough @jeas_wellness couch*) and wh just sent me an e-mail or wrote to me on Twitter. I love this little gadget, that’s for sure!

I am super motivated for my weightloss and fitness routine now, my body has gotten less and less stressed the last couple of days, and that has really made all the difference!

Here are 2 photos from walk # 2 today: