she couldn’t get enough :)

My POTS has been letting me know I’m alive these days… Since we turned back our clocks (dayligt saving) my body has not been well. I was already struggling with getting my body out of bed in the mornings. Now, it’s been close to impossible. Since the clock has been set back an hour, we basically get up an hour earlier. That is NOT something my body wants to accept. I have been forced to up my dosage on my medicin, Mestinon, and I’m hoping for the best. It helped, then the clocks… Let’s just say I have high hopes!

Forcing myself out of bed isn’t the only thing I do, I also force myself out on walks. I have to. And now that spring is REALLY here, it’s a bit nicer to go outside 🙂

Today, I was way too tired to go, but… I did it 🙂

Malmö Idrottsplats (Malmö IP) is whre FC Rosengård’s playing. They have some of the best female footballplayers in the world!

I had some chocolate today (it’s friday!) and I really shouldn’t have. I don’t at it much anymore, abd since I’v cut down on it, it affects my POTS even worse. I had to take an extra Procoralan because my pulse was way too high. That is NOT fun. And you know what, the less chocolate I eat, the worse I taste.
BUT! If I DO eat chocolate this is what I eat, milk chocolate from Marabou. A girl I once knew in the US asked me to send her some more after she had been visting Sweden, she couldn’t get enough 🙂


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