craving for sugar, from hell

Today has been both a really long day and a very short one. Odd how that works…

When I was at the store buying fruit and veggies for the office I realy wanted something sweet. And after aying I got a horrible headache and decided to go back and buy a Coca Cola Zero. I LOVE pepsi, so I didn’t want to buy a diet Pepsi because I would just go “ooh I want the real thing” or something. But I’m not too fond of Coca Cola, so that felt like a good idea. And it was.
Until I got a craving for sugar, FROM HELL!!! That was new for me, I’ve never had that horrible cravings for. And I usually crave a specfic thing, not “anything with sugar”. But then two different people said they Always get that after drinkin Coca Cola Light and Coca Cola Zero.
But I made it 🙂
I bought strawberries and took a banana as well, so that was good.

After work I was extremely hungry and since I was supposed to go for a wlk straight after gettng home I wanted to eat something. That soething was a turkey sub at Subway. Not my favourite place, but it was better than last time 🙂
Then after standing in the wind for 30 minutes due to bus chaos, we freezingly decided that we needed to stay indoors for the remainder of the day… I’m still cold, and I’ve been home for a little over an hour!

On a brighter note, my tomatoes are getting bigger. I mean the plants!

It looked as if 2 of the cayenne peppers might be showing themselves soon as well 🙂 So yay on that!

Now, I’m going to sit back, have some water, and read until it’s time for food!


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