Let’s talk about weightloss

Let’s talk about weightloss. Again. I’m not getting tired of it.

“Why do you want to lose weight? Do you really think people will like you better?”
“Why can’t you just be happy about yourself?”
“Do you really think you will look like the women in magazines?”
“What, you think more people will follow you on instagram if you get skinny?”

Have you heard those? Or questions like those? Or have you perhaps said them?

Do let me answer them!

Why do I want to lose weight?
My back is hurting. My knees hurt. My hips hurt. Clothes dosn’t fit well. I’m tired most of the time. I’ve started to sweat more. I’ve got skinproblems. My boobs are way too big. I can’t get surgery to ease my neckpain until I lose at least 10kg (aprox. 20lbs).
Reasons enough?
Do I think people will like me better?
Such an incredible stupid thing to as a person. I really couldn’t care less!

Why can’t I just be happy about myself?
Oh wow, people can read minds now? Who said I’m not happy with myself? Losing weight doesn’t mean I don’t like myself. It has nothing to o with that. At all. I love myself! And you know what? I will still love myself 20kg from now!

Do I really think I will look like the women in magazines?
I feel so sorry for people who ask this. Do they not know that the women in magazines doesn’t even look like the women in magazines?
Why would I want to look like someone else? I am me and I love me and I want to stay me. I want to look like ME.

Do I really think I will get more followers on instagram if I get skinny?
Oh right… I forgot that ones entire life should center around instagram…. If you don’t have loads of followers, then what’s the point of anything??? I “only” have about 270 followers? Oh the horror… THE HORROR!!!!

I don’t understand how people can think that what I do with my own body is any of their business.. And why would it have to do with what others think of me? Or how others see me? Why can’t it be about how my body is doing? Or about how I fel about myself, for MY sake? Why isn’t MY body MY business? Oh wait… it is!

Have you thought about ho people that are overweight are getting a lot of hate for it? And if they go to the gym, they get hate for it? And when sportswear suddenly exist in larger sizes, it gets hate? I mean… It’s wrong to be overweight and it’s wrong to do something about it? Oh, but don’t forget to eat that extra cheeseburger if you’re skinny! And don’t get too skinny, do you hear me! And don’t lose that lovely “babyfat” around your tummy that people love to hate youΒ for and…. It would seem that no matter what we do with our bodies, there’s someone standing ready to tell us exactly what’s wrong with us and how we need to listen to just that person to be happy!

You know what’s even better to do?
Listen to yourself.
How do I feel about myself?
How does my body feel?
Is there anything I would like to do for myself?
Do I have a life that I like?
There are so many questions about your own wellbeing, that only you can answer.



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