I want nothing more than to eat or drink whatever

I am beyond tired today. I woke up at 6am and my neck, shoulderblades and head were all hurting so bad I could hardly see. Everthing was just a big blurr from pain.
I got an appointment with the chiropractor at 13.30 and he did some wonders, but I need to go back on Wednesday to take care of the rest. I’ve been crying all day from pain, and THAT is NOT something I usually do…

But nothing bad without anything good – I’ve been in such pain I have hardly notized my POTS. Don’t really know if I should laugh or cry about that one πŸ™‚

I had some help making dinner today:

And I’ve had lots and lots of water too. But still too little – yo, the potsie lifestyle bruh! (I am seriously laughing like crazy over writing that.. too much TV… πŸ™‚ )

Health today:
Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I go to the store for he office. I buy fruit, veggies, milk and things for our Friday breakfast. The line to paying is right next o the sweets/candy. Thank you? But I bought nothing today. Oh believe me I wanted to!! When I’m in this much pain I really, REALLY want something. Pepsi. But I’m not supposed to drink that since I ave sinustachycardia. The caffein in it isn’t that much, but it’s too muc for me. Every now and then, fine, but not all the time and not every week.
Me – “nah, I need to do this first, just 10 more minutes.” And then I was out of the store and on my way back to the office and tadaa, nothing unhealthy around to buy πŸ™‚ That felt pretty good πŸ™‚

When I do my “just 10 more minutes” I want nothing more than to eat or drink whatever. But I’ve learnt that I don’t remember that after those 10 minutes. I just go on to the next thing, and a few hours can easily go by Before I remember I wanted a treat. Thank you brain for tempting me with things I obviously don’t want!

It’s only 19.15 here, but I’m gonna go to bed now. I didn’t get much sleep last night and right now I really don’t feel too well. I’ve been in horrible pain since Saturday at noon, so no wonder.


(My spelling has been way off today, I’ve corrected so much now, but I’m just too tired, so if I’ve missed some, I really couldn’t care less right now!)


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