new week = new goals

So it’s the last post of the week, let’s make it a potsie post, ok?

This weekend, every year, SciFi World Sweden hold a convention 10 minutes from where I live. Last year, Amanda Tapping was here. Ths year it was Michael Shanks, Lance Henriksen and Kim Coats that I wanted to meet. But both years I had to stay home. I LOVE Stargate SG1, I LOVE the Alien and Predator Movies and I LOVE everything by Paul Anderson (Kim Coats was in Resident Evil). David Ramsey was supposed to be here too, but he had to go be John Diggle (I accept it..).

Both last year, and this year, I had to stay home. I mean, it’s a 10 minute walk and really not expensive to get in either!
But I have POTS and I’m not doing well. The venue where they have the Convention, Stadionmässan, has extremely bad airconditioning. It is super warm there and even my brother (who’s healthy) says it’s way too warm. If I go, I WILL faint! My health will get extremely poor and eventually I will hit the floor. It’s simply dangerous for me. If I had a wheelchair I could manage it in there for a while at least. Hopefully long enough to meet the people I want and to get autographs and/or photos. But I don’t have a wheelchair, so I have no choice but to give up what I want the most…
Last time I was there was 2 yeras ago and I can hardly remember it. I was in really, really bad shape. I just can’t do it. And it makes me sad. It’s no often a situation shows up where I really feel handicapped (apart from stairs, I don’t do stairs).

My brother got me this:


Last year, it was Amanda Tapping 🙂 I still hope to be able to go again one day.

Anyway… new week = new goals.

Tomorrow it’s time to start physical therapy again. Cardio for my heart and then strength for my neck/shoulders/shoulderblades/back. I can’t tell you how nervous I am. I don’t know how my POTS will react. I don’t know how I will feel after. I simply don’t know what’s going to happen… So yeah nervous. And, I was supposed to go to slee at 20.00 but it’s now 20.44. I forgot to charge my phone and I kind of need it sine it’s my alarm clock too 🙂 So, hello, still up…

So, goals for the week to come:
– Start my physical therapy again (once this week).
– Go for 2 walks.
– Be very careful of what I eat.


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