you need nitroglycerin

I have written about POTS a few times. If you want ton know wht it is, go HERE.
Would you like to know what it’s like to live with it? Keep on reading.

A few things can be recognized:
– You know whe you stand up too fast, everything turns black, and the next thing you know, you’re sitting down again. That happens a lot.

– Your heartrate can go from a nice 60bpm to 180bpm just by standing up.

– You sometimes go to work with a bloodpressure of 85/50.

– You can pass out when standin up. Or when you stand still for too long. When you’re waiting to pay for your food. When you fly. Or when you’ve just eaten. Or when you’re at the gym. Or when it’s summer. Or just pretty much at any time.

– When you stand up to open the door and let people in, both hearing and eyesight goes away. But you know how to walk to get to the door and how to quickly put your hand up for the guest/s to shake. And about mid way into said handshake your eyesight and hearing comes back.

– When you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when back in bed, you can’t remember if you’ve been to the bathroom or not and has to go again just in case. And then realize you can touch the towel to feel if it’s used or not. And ten do it all over again another night because you never remember these things at night.

– When you have to dress to be a bitย cold so your bloodpressure won’t act up.

– When you can’t eat breakfast because you will fall asleep again right after. If you even make it past the second bite.

– When you can’t eat at work because you will get extremely tired/exhausted and will most likely fall asleep.

– When you sometimes need to sleep for ~ 20 hours/day. And then can’t sleep more than maybe 2-3 hours/day after that.

– When you’re working and you have to go over everything you do again and again and again because you know you might not remember it later.

– Always being tired.

– Having a super strict diet.

– Getting chestpains that you need nitroglycerin for.

– Constant headaches.

– Getting dizzyspells at any hour of the day (no stairs for me thank you very much).

– Being really happy about something exhausts you.

I could go on and make this list longer and longer and longer, but I’m really tired and I start an hour earlier than normal tomorrow and I only get 11 hours of sleep if I go to bed right now and I’m pretty sure that’s not enough… And my pulse is at 120 and still going up, so I really need my medication now (I’m sitting dow)… So good night and sleep well!



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