2 out of 3 were on sale

What… a… day… it’s been a “potsie day” today too, but I’m used to it. I’ve been close to passing out 4 times in 4,5 hours today (3 times at work), but I made it, so yay on that 🙂

I went for a follow up at Citadellkliniken after getting botox around my eyes to open them a bit. I have heavy eyelids and always look pretty tired, and people are pretty quick to tell me so 😦 I like the result. And I have had no headaches since getting the injections!

So today I had a ‘fastlagsbulle’ (or as the “proper” swedes would say, “semla”).

I’s about the size of my fist. Mine is a bit of a “cheat”, I have vanilla cream under the whipped cream, and it’s supposed to be almond “cream” (it’s super sugary, so no thank you).
We have these on february 28 (but they start to sell them in november/december).
Once, in school, an exchangestudent from Alaska tried it. He said “I can feel my arteries getting clogged up!” Ok, I’ve tried a Twinkie, this right here is NOTHING compared to that!!!

I also tried on new glasses, 2 pairs and sunglasses:

2 out of 3 were on sale, pretty good 🙂 I pay a monthly fee, and once/year I can change 1 pair. And everything possible is included. In ~ 10 days they’re miiiine!

Otherwise, I don’t actually have much to talk about today. I don’t remember portions of the day, maybe I would have more to say if I did 😛


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