I know what to do to look smaller

“You don’t need to lose any weight, you’re already skinny!”

That’s something I hear a lot. And I’d like to talk about this for a minute or so.
Just because someone looks a certain way DOES NOT MEAN people have to comment on it! I have 20kg (44lbs) to lose and I always get to hear that I’m already thin or skinny, and fit, and look great etc. People take one look and they think they know better. People think they have a right to comment and tell me it’s all in my head!

I’m gonna show you something. This is me with a t-shirt, and me with a jumper (I’ve flipped the picture for the text):

20170226-fram-troja-text-at-ratt-hall 20170226-fram-yttertroja-text-at-ratt-hall 20170225-sida-yttertroja

I get it. I get why people think I’m skinny/thin/fit. It DOES NOT MEAN that they get to ignore what  say. I DO HAVE weight to lose, and being told I’m stupid and imagine being overweight IS NOT HELPING ME!

This is me:


Not skinny. Not thin. Not fit.

I know how to dress for the body I have (and I have big boobs that make things look smaller while wearing a shirt). I know what to do to look smaller than I am. And when I’m anywhere but home, I hold in that tummy so bad that I’m surprised I don’t have badass abs right now!! I’m seriously nautious after a while from holding it in!

Now, you may think that “well don’t hold it in” or “if you do that then you can’t be irritated with people”. Yes I can! Becuase if I say that “this is how it is” then  that is how it is and IT IS NOT OK to say anything else to me! I know my body better than anyone else. That’s just the way it is!

Oh, and here are the last 2 shirts (the 3d I have on in the above picture):



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