The numbers will look a lot better then

Oh… my… sweet… someone…

I’ve been on about this for a while now, but I’ve gained lots of weight because of my poor health. I haven’t been able to do the cardio my cardiologist wants me to either = gaining weight faster!!
Every saturdy I get on the scale and I measure my waist and my tummy where I’m the biggest.
Today – oh sweet someone… I’ve been eating pretty well, a few treats, but NOT something that makes todays measurements logical… I don’t get it.
I’ve gaind 0,6kg (1lb) and over my tummy, where I’m the largest, I’ve added 7cm (3inches). That may not sound like much, but measure it on you to see how much that would add to your belly…

I am super careful with what I eat, since the wrong food will give me hell because of my POTS) and I have to get even more careful. After the 4 weeks I’ve been sick, I think my body is reacting to even more food.

What do I eat? Well… people in the fitness business would be kind of proud *insert emoji crying from laughter here*
No but seriously, protein (mostly chicken) and lots and lots of veggies. Once/week I have something I’ve been craving. This week it was chocolate. Swedish milk chocolate from Marabou is THE BEST! I’ve tried both english and american chocolate but, it was way too sweet for me ๐Ÿ™‚
(In case you’ve missed it, I’m Swedish.)

So. Saturday. Weight. Measurments. Right… Today:
Weight – 86,2kg.
Waist – 85cm
Tummy – 107cm


That red on the side, that’s one of the places the holter was hooked up to. Guess what I’m allergic to? It was bleeding yesterday…

One week from today, I will update on this again. And the numbers will look a lot better then ๐Ÿ™‚



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