I think I needed to whine a bit

Monday. Back to work.

I spent almost  entire weekend on te sofa, resting. I was super exhausted after being back at work and I just wanted (and needed) to sleep the weekend away.
Now, it’s monday. Back to work and back to being exhausted. It isn’t too bad yet, I’m super tired and I just want to go to bed (I work ~ 9.00-13.00), but this is not what I’m used to… My body is in desperate need of its physical therapy, I’m in pain!! But I can’t. I’m too exhausted. This is new to me.. I mean sure, I’m tired after work normally, but I do my pt, and yes, I’m even more tired after it, but I manage. I don’t have much of a life beyond that, but that’s a different story.

Now, I’m too exhausted to do anything. I get up at 8.00, go to work (10 minutes away by bus, so ‘yay’ on that), work, come home. When I come home I eat. This is the first time during the day I CAN eat. If I eat earlier I won’t be able to finish work. I will be way too tired and sleepy… And i doesn’t matter what I eat either. I mean, the “wrong” carbs are a big no-no (as all you potsies know already), but I get super tired no matter what I eat.

And as of last friday, I don’t even sleep well becuase of the holter I’m wearing. Guess who’s allergic to the damn thing!!! I… AM… GOING… CRAZY!!!!!! And I can’t sleep on my left side, there’s a wire in the way…. And I think I needed to whine about this a bit, because I feel a tiny bit better now 🙂 Please don’t hate me ❤


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