So, so tired

I have had no energy what so ever the last few days (actually, weeks). Since monday, I’m back at work, 4 hours/day, 5 days/week. I should have started with half that. I have been beyond exhausted this week. Work – sleep – work – sleep. That’s pretty much my days at the moment.

Since yesterday morning, I’m wearing an ECG, and I will do so until the 24th. I’m already sick of it. However, I have pushed the darn “record button” 6 times yesterday and so far once today. Pulse going up, breathing getting bad, dizziness etc.

On monday, I will slowly start to go for walks. I do’t know if it will be good for me or if it will make me feel worse, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I have to try it! (And now I’ve pushed the button twice today.)

At the beginning of last year, I was so happy. I had lost a total of 24kg (about 50lbs) and I didn’t have that much left to lose. Now I’m up 13 of those kilos. I’ve been eating right, I’ve been doing cardio. I’ve been doing everything right, but still gained the damn weight.
I’m already on medication for my thyroid so I thought maybe I just need more of that, but nope. During the 4 weeks I was home january/february I gained the last 6 of the 13 kilos. And I was hardly able to eat during that time!! Doctors – naaah, nothing’s wrong with you!
How do you only eat some yogurt for 4 weeks and GAIN weight??? When my POTS have been acting up before, and I’ve had problems eating, I’ve lost 3-5kg/week!!! This DOES NOT ADD UP!!
I’m just sick of it all….

Right now I’m thinking about my physical therapy, the one that makes sure I can use my arms, and I MUST start doing it again. My neck, shoulders, and back is in really bad shape and I’m in constant pain. But the 4 hours I’m working is making me so, so exhausted… How do I push myself further without getting worse? It’s nothing that can be done on the floor. It’s sitting or standing (I oviously go for sitting 😉 ).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I NEED WATER!!! Feel like I’m dying if I don’t get to drink 🙂

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Ps. is it EKG in English too? I Heard people say ECG… Anyway, it’s this thing here:



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