Careful what you think about?

I’ve been wearing the holter since 8.30 yesterday morning. Since I’m wearing it, I’ve been keeping a closer record of my pulse, I sort of have to 🙂 In just seconds my pulse will go from 50 – 150 ad people ask why I’m so tired. You try it… And if you have POTS, you knowhow it is. When that happens x times/day it WILL make you tired. Really tired. This is when it’s good to have a  doctor that will listen to you and do everything possible to help.
And for those that really know me, you know it wouldn’t really be me if there were any medication that helped… I take Procoralan to lower my pulse, but my doctor doesn’t wany to up my dosage because it’s already pretty high. And every other type of medicine we’ve tried has ended bad (like, really bad, a trip to the emergency room bad)…

My blood pressure hasn’t dropped as much as it usually does when I’m having… an episode?… it’s only my pulse and my breathing. “Only” 🙂
I get so out of breath, so fast, it’s not even funny. I walk for a short while, then I have to pause. Monday was pretty bad, first day back at work, but then tuesday and wednesday was a bit better and I thought “yeees, thing will go back to normal now!!” And we all know what will happen after thinking (or saying) something like that. Thursday was horrible. Friday was worse, I still don’t even know how I got through the day. Right now, I’m thinking that I never, ever want to leave my sofa again nd I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep. But the again, I know sleeping won’t help me. It won’t make a difference what so ever. I can sleep for 5 hours, or I can sleep for 16 hours. I will still be tired.

It is 20.08 in Sweden right now, and I’m saying good night to you for today 🙂


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