Sleeping like a baby

Not as good as one, but as much as one. Almost.

I’m so tired… My breathing isn’t getting better, I’m still sleeping way too much, I’m still having problems eating, I have chestpains on my left side (don’t know why) and today I started couching. And now my left side hurts more. Just what I needed ๐Ÿ™‚

On monday I talked to my cardiologist, he sent me to the emergency room to see if they could keep me at the hospital for a few days and see what the heck is wrong with me. He doesn’t believe my POTS is fully responsible for how I’m doing. However, the doctor at the emergency room didn’t agree, he’s sure my POTS is fully responsible and sent me home again.

So yesterday = sleep. Sleep some more. Sleep a bit more. And a hint of television. I might have to see The Flash all over again because I hardly remember what I’ve seen the last few weeks…
Today? Uhm… more sleep. Aaaand just a bit more sleep. I have The Arrow on in the background just so it won’t be completely quiet here.

You wanna know what’s really weird about all of this?
I get worse every now and then, but not lik this. When I get worse, I get tired, I sleep a bit more and I have problems eating. And I lose weight, lots of it, 3-4kg/week!
This time, I’m extremely exhausted, I don’t sleep a bit more, I sleep LOTS MORE, I have problems eating but I’ve started to GAIN weight!

I’m just so sick and tired of this…



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