Breaking it down to (hopefully) building it up

Since my POTS got worse, I’ve been resting as I’ve been told. But three weeks of resting hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I’m not even sleeping better.

So what to do? Well, it helps to be a nerd. A huge sciencenerd is even better. Well, TADAA, I am both of those things!

Normally when my POTS get worse, my blood pressure and my pulse is affected. Blood pressure goes down, pulse goes up. But not this time, so what’s up?

My blood pressure remains the same, it has even been a bit higher when they took it at the emergency room. However, since my blood pressure is normally a bit low, nooooobody gives a damn when it reads as normal. I kept telling them that normal blood pressure isn’t normal for me. Last time it was 137/87. That’s too high for me, lyig dwn it does NOT go over 120/70. Same thing with my pulse. At the doctors office and at the emergency room it is always around 80bpm, ALWAYS. This time it was 55-60, it even went down to 50 at one point. Keep in mind I keep a record of these things so I AM 100% certain of what I am talking about.

So what do I do? Well, I start by ignoring my POTS. I break the symptoms down, one by one, and think about them individually. If I can understand how my body SHOULD function and what exactly could cause these symptoms, and if there are any links between the different symtoms and/or if one thing in my body can affect 2 or more of my symptoms, then maybe I can figure out what to do. If not, I can give my cardiologist one hell of a visit later 🙂 (I’m wating to get an appointment.) Plus, when is it NOT fun to learn?

I have a journal (weeel, several journals) that I use daily to take notes, to write about my symptoms, thought, discoveries, what I’ve been doing, cross referencing etc…
At the moment, I’m reading up on internal respiration, I’ve got a hunch that there’s something I need to know that I can find there.


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