Shame on you lung!

I have a lung that’s missbehaving…

Here’s the downside with having POTS (ok, there are nothing but downsides, but stay with me here):

We start a few Days before Christmas. I was more tired than usual, it was difficult doing anything and I slept a lot.

Now we skip ahead a few days, to before New Years Eve. I was even more tired and slept more and was constantly exhausted.

And another skip, a week this time. Now I as getting really tired. It was hard to walk and I was exhausted all the time. I could still function though, I could still work my 50%.

And then 1,5 week ago, friday the 13th it was just too much.
I slept from that afternoon until wednesday. I was constatly sleepy and tired. I was beyond exhausted. I had huge problems breathing. I could hardly eat. My body refused to do anything. I figured all I needed was rest.
So I was hom sick last week, the usual – POTS is acting up and a bit of rest will take care of it.
Sunday came and I was even worse. I could hardly eat at all. (I don’t even want to eat anymore because o how I feel after. I can’t breath, I can’t sit up, I can’t do anything but throw myself on the sofa and hope for the best.) So off to the Emergency Room.
I spent 15 HOURS there!! The record is usually 6-7!! It as complete chaos there. I got there 14.39 on sunday. I could leave at 05.30 monday morning!!! First it took 6 hours to see a doctor. Then they needed more blood because the first tiny amount they had goten from me (yeah, good lucking getting any blood from this body!) had been ruined because the nurse had to “dig around” in the vein to get any!
Later, I was going for a CAT scan and a needle in my arm was needed. Yeah… So I’m afraid of needles. And it’s really hard to draw blood or anything like that from me. Bad combo. AfterΒ 11 tries (!!!) they finally had 2 needles, one in each hand. Both were rejected by the nurses doing the CAT scan. The veins weren’t strong enough and would burst….

The next day, yesterday, I was called to go to Lund, the university hospital. It’s a 30 minutes bussride from here.
4 new tries for a damn needle (they managed), then I inhaled a radicoactive gas and was then injected with a radioactive fluid. I was then taken to a room labeled “GAMMAMACHINE” (and I am SO dissapointed I didn’t turn in to She-Hulk…).
It took 4 hours going to Lund, doing everything there and going back to the emergencyroom for the results.

Back at the emergency room, I had t go through the whole process again. Register at the frontdesk and wait. I waited 4,5 hours for nothing more than the results!! Finally the nurse called in and told them to come and get me because it wasn’t OK to wait for this long.

Now – I have POTS. Crappy things will happen.
Hard to breath? Yeah, one of the lungs has collapsed a bit… Not so strange. The examination in Lund showed that my breathing is a bit bad and that’s caused the lung to cllapse (not all of it, not sure ho much it is).
For the first time ever, I came to a doctor that new a bit about POTS and was sure my problems breathing had to do with that, so he set up for an x-ray in 3-4 weeks to see if it’s healing on its own,Β and told me to talk to my cardiologist to see if there’s anything we can do. I need to stay home this week too, to rest.

So now I’m home, resting, trying to figure out what I can eat. I’m doing a bunch of broccolisoup later, soup is easy to eat so I’m hoping it will work. That’s the advice on food I got, “try to avoid solid food” πŸ™‚



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