A birthday and an absolutely regular day

Hello you!

Today was physical therapy x2 again (every 2 days).
First the stationary bike for 30 minutes – goodness me how I was sweating!! My legs were shaking like mad after 🙂
I then continued with pt for my neck, shoulders and shoulderblades. My physical therapist also gave me a few things to do for my core. When I do these, I make my mom do them too! She’s with me at the gym a few times/week, and who doesn’t need a stronger core?


I always make sure I’m alone when taking photos at the gym, I don’t want people to worry they might get caught on camera! (The second pair of shoes belong to my mom, so no worries 🙂 )

So yesterday was my birthday. I never have very high hopes for my birthdays, but yesterday was a new low… It was so bad… I was basically crying most of the day and I haven’t really stoped yet… But I’ll get through it, I do every year… It’s my own fault for getting so sad, I know better than getting my hopes up!

I made these babies for work an then took 2 with me to the train to Copenhagen.


And lunch was fish and chips. I really wanted to eat at a specific Place, but they only served at the bar and my joints aren’t relly made for sitting like that 🙂
So off to Copenhagen Zoo and eat fish and chips at Konnild’s with a better view.



And before you ask, I didn’t say no to veggies, fish and chips were on the childrens menu and there simply were no veggies. It was a HUGE portion, I couldn’t even eat all the chips! Then we shared a Fanta and I had a little mayo on the side. I don’t normaly eat Mayo so this was a bit odd, but I guess it was ok 🙂

Now, I’m gonna relax nd read and have my tiny bit of goodie – Kinder maxi!



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