A plan to follow

I have a plan. A Schedule to keep to.

On january 16th, I will call the doctor to ask him to talk to the surgeons again. My neck, shoulders and upper back does NOT want to give me a break…. Constant pain and irritation.. I need a smaller chest! Before I can get help with that, I need to lose some weight.

So I’ve made a very strict schedule from now – january 15th. (Well, I’ve started it already, I’m just tightening it (and me) up a bit).


Some Doctor Who in the background 🙂

It’s my birthday on wednesday, so no gym then, but lots of walking will be done. I’m gonna try to remember my Fitbit to see how many steps I put behind me. That would be fun to know 🙂

I will continue to do intervals on the stationary bike as cardio (aka physical therapy 1). I will the do strengthtraining for my neck, shoulders and shoulderblades (physical therapy 2) every other day. And then I will work more on strengthening my core.
As always, food is the most important thing! The right kind of food, at all times. On saturday I will have a treat. I will decide what when it’s time 🙂

I will be very careful to relax during all of this. I’ve been a bit bad with that lately.

international day of yoga 2

(Old picture, I have a tiiiny bit more hair now.)

I roll out my yogamat, have a seat, and breath. I close my Eyes and just breath. I just sit there for however long I can. Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes.

My other way of relaxing is reading. I love to read. Getting lost in another world, another time.

Tomorrow I’ll be going for a walk and then I’m at it again 🙂


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