Mental & physical wellness

Hello you!

I have a semibad headache today and I’m feeling ill so I decided to take it easy and hope it’s gone tomorrow.

Having a headache got me thinking about another thing to write about here. My eyelids.
To me, my eyelids are a source of mental pain. They make me feel sad and “less” than others. I use the muscles on the side o my head to “pull” my eylids up.
If I don’t I’m always told that I look sick or tired. And people always ask me if I should stay home because I’m obviously not well…  It’s even worse if I don’t use makeup.


And as you can see, winged eyeliner isn’t the best thing for me, haha 🙂 I just painted it on so you can see the difference.

To me, this is incredibly painful. Both physical and mentally.
It hurts to pull my eyes up like that, the muscles that do it are always sore and are starting to hurt more and more.
And mentally it hurts too. I’m basically being told there’s somthing wrong with me all the time..

Wellness is more than just eating right and working out. It’s about feeling good about yourself too. I love myself. I just want to fix a few things so my body can feel better 🙂


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