“Fail to plan – plan to fail”

Hello you!

Yo know how you read “fail to plan, plan to fail” all over instagram and everything fitnessrelated? You get kind of tied with reading it eventually..

But for me it’s absolutely true. Either I plan or I fail.


I’ve named my pen “the Dalekpen”, do you see it too?

I write my days down, food, workout, physical therapy etc. That way I don’t have to wake up in the morning, not knowing what to do. I take a look in the book and go do it.
(Don’t put anything wet on notebooks…)

Today is Sunday, so today I plan for the upcoming week.
I THINK I’ve decided what to eat all week, still a bit undecided on friday and the weekend, but It’s only 1pm so ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you plan your weeks?



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