A very, merry, PoTSie day

Hello you!

Yesterdays stress took a lot on my body. PoTS and neck doesn’t really want to cooperate today (that’s fully normal), so I’m taking a break from Everything. I figured a walk would be nice, but sweet someone it was freezing in the wind!! So a short, short walk to a busstopp (3rd closest to where Iive).


I needed a new pair of jeans but never got to try any on. After a few errands at the mall (Emporia) my bloodpressure was too low, I’d say ~80/50. (You know you’re used to taking your bloodpressure when you can estimate it like that 🙂 )

Since coming home I’ve had the saltiest meal ever. I have never used that muh salt EVER in anything!

Now it’s time for some Doctor Who and relaxing. And tomorrow I’ll go for a longer walk!

I’m gonna do a post about PoTS, how I got diagnosed and such, today or tomorrow if you’re interested.


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