Day of the doctor(s)

Hello you!

Today was a bit of an odd day.
I got an emergency appointment to see the doctor (not the geeky, BBC-kind I’m afraid… sigh…). I’ve had something stuck in my throat for a few weeks and it’s been getting worse. It’se been difficult to eat, take my medication and at times, breath. So finally I had to go…
The appointment lasted for about 4 minutes, I would be sent to an ear-, nose-, throatdoctor. I would probably get a time next week.
So off to work. I had been there a full half hour before I got a call saying they could take a look at me an hour later. Yes please 🙂
So after a total of an hour at work I was off again. Next doctor (not the geeky kind this time either, when will my luck change?)
I got some kind of spray down my nose and throat and then there was a camera shoved down my nose (PANIC!!!). There was nothing there….
A red throat and a thyroid that was a bit too large. These are probably what’s behind it all.

So, a stick down my throat to see what kind of bacteria and crap is hiding there, and way too much blood taken from me later, I was going home again.

I left home at 09.15 today and got home about 16.15 or so. I will rest tomorrow instead of going to the gym. My bloodpressure’s dropped 5 times during the afternoon today and it always stays with me a little while after.

So here I am, drinking some Julmust (the non alcoholic christmasbeverage in Sweden = YUM!!) and trying not to fall asleep.


One side.


The other side.


Aaand I met this little sweetheart while walking to the first doctor 🙂


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