Cardio and shoulders

Hello all!

I never got to do any workout yesterday… As I got to the gym, the ventilation system had broken down and it was so warm there! My bloodpressure dropped when I entered the lockerroom and I nearly passed out. So straight home again.


It was thankfully fixed today 🙂
I did 27 minutes on a stationary bike (more on that soon) and a shoulderworkout on light weights.

Why only 27 minutes on the bike?
Well, my PoTS has been pretty bad today:
I’ve hardly been able to sit up, I’ve felt sick/nauseated, I’ve been slightly dizzy, I have difficulties eating, I can hardly walk without getting exhausted and my bloodpressure has ben a bit too low. Just the thought of going to the gym, to do my physical therapy, was bad. But I went, I did it. I have to!
I got on the bike, the one with backsupport, because if I get a bad bloodpressure drop I’m safer there than on a regular bike where you lean forward a bit to hold on.
I had to sit very still with my upper body and lean back completely or I would feel worse. I managed to do it anyway for 27 minutes before my body very, VERY clearly said “stop NOW, or pay the price!” and I know my body, stop or pass out!

I went on to the weights section and worked on my shoulders. Dumbbells with 1kg and 2 kg. That’s 2 pounds and 4 Pounds! I had to go so, so easy because at this point my body was NOT happy!! It was just waiting for the smallest thing to push it over the edge.

But I got in a good workout. I did the cardio I’m supposed to. Sweat like never before =P And I did some strength training too. That I’m also supposed to 🙂


My body has that great feeling it always have after a workout. But it’s also completely exhausted, to the point of no standing up, or even sitting up straight. My PoTS is NOT happy… But I’m in charge, not it, so… 🙂

Oh, and I MUST show you my amazing coffeemug!!! (That’s never seen any coffee since I don’t drink it. There are loads of other things to drink from it!)


The lid is made from rubber, so after 5 seconds it’s covered in dust….


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