A boobjob?

Yes, soon enough!

I got my answer today; I need to lose (loose?) about 7 – 8 kilos (roughly 16 pounds) and then I will gethelp with a breastreduction. WEEE!!!

Now THAT’S damn good motivation for anyone! I’m so looking forward to it, my neck, my shoulders and my back are hurting. I NEED this!


Today is Halloween and obviously I needed to dress up as something or someone. I decided on Amy Pond from The Impossible Astronaut.

I added the scarf just to make i extra obvious that it was from Doctor Who, but nada… nothing… I need ore geeks at the office. I wonder if I can ask HR to add “must be a huge nerd/geek” to list of qualities we need when hiring?
(There’s a tiny, tiny, tiny hint of red in my hair, soooo… I didn’t want to dye it 🙂 )

I’m sitting here trying to plan my workouts for the upcoming days/weeks. Trying to decide what to do when etc. I need to be extra, super, mega strict with my food (and that’s brilliant for my PoTS too, so win-win!)

I added some more tallymarks later, and gave my little baby at work a nice pat on the back ❤

And then there’s my litte ghost.


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