My days

I’m at it at the gym again. I’m doing eberything my doctor tells me and I’m doing everything I can to help my PoTS.
And it’s hell.. My PoTS is NOT happy. But hey – doctor’s orders!
Thank goodness what I do is FUN, hard as h**l but I love working out so I try to focus on that while trying not to fall over (no seriously, my PoTS is trying to make me pass out, but so far I’ve managed to win over it).

I’m doing some form of cardio every day… I try to do as much of it as possible as group classes, because if something should happen, I know that there’s someone there that can help me. Otherwise, I go as early in the day as possible, like right after work. there’s always someone there then.

I’m eating so good, I’m telling you, it can’t get any healthier or… or more boring… there’s a lot of veggies. And salads. So, so many salads. I’m sick of it already, but if I want my PoTS to let me be able to work, I have no choice! Potatoes and pasta is for the evening (on very good days) or Friday/Saturday night – but only if I know I won’t be doing ANYTHING afterwards. I love potatoes and fresh pasta!!

And I’m also sick of making plans. Plans for every day, almost every hour.. But soon enough it will become paart of life and I will be so used to it that I don’t think about it anymore, I know that. I just have to get used to things 🙂

Last week I could feel my body saying stop, I need to rest! So I took Friday off and went to Copenhagen Zoo to really calm my body down.











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