Fruit, fruit, fruit

Today I almost filled a shoppingcart with fruit and some veggies… And I learned that it’s really not that expensive! (This is in Sweden, at ICA).


There’s about 260 fruits, roughly 20 veggies and that tiny amount of milk and cheese that you can see. 1200 sek. Say you eat 2 fruits/day, that 130 days. That’s 9 sek/day! (9sek = 1,2 american dollars or 0,77 GBP.) And that’s with the prices of milk, cheese, veggies and I think there’s a loaf of bread in there somewhere too actully. Not bad at all!!

I often hear people say that they think fruit is way too expensive so instead they buy a chocolatebar. Because 100g of chocolate is only 11sek. Well… 100g of bananas is 2,19sek. I’m not sure why people tell themselves that fruit cost too much… I know people that byt that chocolate daiily because fruit is too expensive. I just don’t get it.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t buy what they want, it’s the reasoning behind (the stuff above)that I don’t get 🙂

What’s all the fruit for? It’s not for me 🙂 I’ll tell you more tomorrow!

Oh – and walking around with that shoppingcart to where it was going was a bit fun. People everywhere turned to look at the crazy fruit person!!


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