Changes, the good and the bad

Today I’m back at work after having 4 weeks off. It was more fun sleeping for as long as I wanted, but it feels good to be back 🙂
It was a bit difficult after what happened last week, I still get out of breath easy and I’m really tired all the time. I also noticed that my pulse goes up easier than usual.

Aaaanyway. After the suspeced heartattack in february I changed things in my life or the better (duh) but slowly some things came back. Like chocolate every now and then and a bit more soda than I really should have. But after this time I’m so motivated and really have my mind set on being the best me I can. Now, I’m not saying that having chocolate and a can of soda every now and then is bad, it’s just that “every now and then” turs to once a week then twice a week and so on very quickly for me, so it’s better to have it once a month IF I feel like it then. In the beginning of every month maybe?

Now. I need to lose some weight, I do. And I do. But too fast. 1kg (2lbs) in two days? That’s not good… I’m keeping an extra Eye on the scale right now and I’m already writing down everyting I eat. This way I can see if things get out ofhan too quickly and I can call my doctor in time and not after a month see that ‘woops, I’ve lost sooooo much and this is dangerous!’ (This isn’t the first time this happens and I’m hoping it will get better soon, just like it usually does.)

But as they say – at least I have my health!
Oh… wait… never mind… (insert emoji crying from laughter here) 🙂
Let’s go with the other one – at least I have my looks 🙂
Yeah, much better (insert said emoji again)!



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