Friday night at the ER…

I had a wonderful weekend… First I spent Friday at the emergency room due to a suspected heartattack. Saturday and today was all about resting.
As you may already have guessed, it was a falsealarm, no heartattack 🙂 So ‘YAY’ on that!

It all started earlier this week. I was out of breath a lot and I started to walk slower and slower. Friday I went to Emporia, the mall. I wasn’t doing much, Went to 2 stores and then to buy some food.
While walking out of there, to the bus, I felt more and more out of breath and I had to stop and catch my breath 1 or 2 times. Nothing I haven’t experienced before.

When I got of the bus I had to rest again. And a few times that teeny, tiny walk home. By now my chest was hurting more and I needed to take Nitroglycerinspray. I did and my blood pressure just said goodbye. I was sitting but got help to get on the floor.

fredag 1

So there I was for a while, just waiting for everything to get better. And it did. I got help to throw away some cardboard boxes (IKEA). All I did was pull a little wagon with 3 empty boxes but it felt like I was carrying a lot!
About an hour after the nitroglycerin, my chest was hurting just as much again. First time it has ever come back. I called the doctors office and asked how many times I can take nitrospray – 2 times, if it comes back again, go to the hospital!
Said and done, one more spray. By now I was more out of breath, but the chestpain went away again so I didn’t care about it.
I tried to eat a cheeseburger but it was so hard. I got more out of breath all the time.. Aaand then the chestpain started to come back. Again.

I don’t really remember going to the emergency room. I know I had to stop every 4 or so steps because I was so out of breath and so exhausted. At the emergency room the took me right in when I told them what wa up and then I was hooked up to ECG and such.

fredag 2

I was so out of breath and exhausted I couldn’t say more than a few words at the time. And I was so tired that it didn’t even feel like I was there for hours.
After about 7 hours and tests, and a total of 3 nitroglycerins sprays, I got to go home. Now I’m just waiting to see what happens. The doctor told me that if it happens again I have to go back to the ER… As long as we don’t know what’s causing this crap I have to think of it as serious at all times.
And let me tell you, all that nitroglycerin is NOT making my PoTS happy……..

Both yesterday an today have been blah. I get so out of breath by everything I do, even when I talk. I’ve been resting and restig and resting and I’m almost climbing the walls from being so boooored! Thankfully I go back to work tomorrow. Not sure how that’s gonna go, but I’m happy to get ut of the apartment 🙂

If I was motivated to get healthy before, I am even more so now! I might not be able to stop an actual heartattack, but I sure as hell will do everything I can to make sure I give my body all the advantages possible!

I’ve been riting this post for about an hour now. I’m so tired… It’s 19.10 here and I’m gonna go to bed now..


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