Childhood home

I’m seeing positive effects on my weightloss already, one of my dresses fits a bit better 🙂

Today I went to Helsingborg and visited the place I grew up and Fredriksdal. It was a lot of walkling!


The playground with the animals was actually a favourite among the kids. We all wanted to climb up on the elephant! I managed to do it once 🙂 But I obviously reember it as about twice as high!


And the swings!! These were used daily!! And it is strictly forbidden to just walk of the swing, you hae to jump! Very important 🙂
There used to be a wodden building too that we jumped off. If you jumped of the highest part of the playbuilding, you were pretty cool and brave. I did it 😀 But that building was gone now 😦

We also walked to where my first school was, it’s been gne for a long time now, but the little house where we had lunch is still there (offices now). The door was open so I knocked to see if I was allowed to have a look inside. It’s been 24 years since we moved away, and 25 since I went to that school – Rosengårdsskolan.

I’m extremely sensitive to mold, so, so, so sensitive to it and we’ve never understood it. Until now. It turns out the school was FILLED with it and was torn down eventually.
I loved that school!!

It’s been difficult documenting my health today because 1) it was raining and we were outdoors pretty much all the time and 2) my PoTS have been pretty bad. But I’ve memorised as much as I could so I can write in at least most of it.


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