Fruit, fruit, fruit

Today I almost filled a shoppingcart with fruit and some veggies… And I learned that it’s really not that expensive! (This is in Sweden, at ICA).


There’s about 260 fruits, roughly 20 veggies and that tiny amount of milk and cheese that you can see. 1200 sek. Say you eat 2 fruits/day, that 130 days. That’s 9 sek/day! (9sek = 1,2 american dollars or 0,77 GBP.) And that’s with the prices of milk, cheese, veggies and I think there’s a loaf of bread in there somewhere too actully. Not bad at all!!

I often hear people say that they think fruit is way too expensive so instead they buy a chocolatebar. Because 100g of chocolate is only 11sek. Well… 100g of bananas is 2,19sek. I’m not sure why people tell themselves that fruit cost too much… I know people that byt that chocolate daiily because fruit is too expensive. I just don’t get it.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t buy what they want, it’s the reasoning behind (the stuff above)that I don’t get 🙂

What’s all the fruit for? It’s not for me 🙂 I’ll tell you more tomorrow!

Oh – and walking around with that shoppingcart to where it was going was a bit fun. People everywhere turned to look at the crazy fruit person!!


A gym at the doctors?

Yes, that’s a thing 🙂

This is the “Win” gym (it’s called Win):

win gym

I will do physical therapy for my shoulder and neck 2 times/week and perhaps medicinal yoga once/week. It might too much too close to eachother, but we decided that I hould try next week and see how it goes!

I’m doing a little bit better today. I still get out of breath very quickly, but I can still do some things as long as I take it slow. I have problems eating, but managed half a sandwiche 🙂 I get so out of breath from eating that it’s almost impossible to get anything down.. But I’m getting better at remembering my water! That’s important! I’m keepin and eye on the scale so I don’t lose too much weight too fast, I don’t want any ore problems 🙂

There are a lot of things going on at work this week. Wednesday – Friday are busy, busy, BUSY!!! Thankfully, I have a “special” employment that basically says that if I need to rest or things get too much for me, then I rest! I won’t be a part of the heavy lifting or running around between offices or anything like that, that’s for the healthy ones 😛 But I will aid where I can 🙂

Oh, and look at the cool golden selfie I took! Get it? Get it? GOLDEN selfie? Oh I’m such a geek…. 🙂 🙂

golden selfie

Changes, the good and the bad

Today I’m back at work after having 4 weeks off. It was more fun sleeping for as long as I wanted, but it feels good to be back 🙂
It was a bit difficult after what happened last week, I still get out of breath easy and I’m really tired all the time. I also noticed that my pulse goes up easier than usual.

Aaaanyway. After the suspeced heartattack in february I changed things in my life or the better (duh) but slowly some things came back. Like chocolate every now and then and a bit more soda than I really should have. But after this time I’m so motivated and really have my mind set on being the best me I can. Now, I’m not saying that having chocolate and a can of soda every now and then is bad, it’s just that “every now and then” turs to once a week then twice a week and so on very quickly for me, so it’s better to have it once a month IF I feel like it then. In the beginning of every month maybe?

Now. I need to lose some weight, I do. And I do. But too fast. 1kg (2lbs) in two days? That’s not good… I’m keeping an extra Eye on the scale right now and I’m already writing down everyting I eat. This way I can see if things get out ofhan too quickly and I can call my doctor in time and not after a month see that ‘woops, I’ve lost sooooo much and this is dangerous!’ (This isn’t the first time this happens and I’m hoping it will get better soon, just like it usually does.)

But as they say – at least I have my health!
Oh… wait… never mind… (insert emoji crying from laughter here) 🙂
Let’s go with the other one – at least I have my looks 🙂
Yeah, much better (insert said emoji again)!


Friday night at the ER…

I had a wonderful weekend… First I spent Friday at the emergency room due to a suspected heartattack. Saturday and today was all about resting.
As you may already have guessed, it was a falsealarm, no heartattack 🙂 So ‘YAY’ on that!

It all started earlier this week. I was out of breath a lot and I started to walk slower and slower. Friday I went to Emporia, the mall. I wasn’t doing much, Went to 2 stores and then to buy some food.
While walking out of there, to the bus, I felt more and more out of breath and I had to stop and catch my breath 1 or 2 times. Nothing I haven’t experienced before.

When I got of the bus I had to rest again. And a few times that teeny, tiny walk home. By now my chest was hurting more and I needed to take Nitroglycerinspray. I did and my blood pressure just said goodbye. I was sitting but got help to get on the floor.

fredag 1

So there I was for a while, just waiting for everything to get better. And it did. I got help to throw away some cardboard boxes (IKEA). All I did was pull a little wagon with 3 empty boxes but it felt like I was carrying a lot!
About an hour after the nitroglycerin, my chest was hurting just as much again. First time it has ever come back. I called the doctors office and asked how many times I can take nitrospray – 2 times, if it comes back again, go to the hospital!
Said and done, one more spray. By now I was more out of breath, but the chestpain went away again so I didn’t care about it.
I tried to eat a cheeseburger but it was so hard. I got more out of breath all the time.. Aaand then the chestpain started to come back. Again.

I don’t really remember going to the emergency room. I know I had to stop every 4 or so steps because I was so out of breath and so exhausted. At the emergency room the took me right in when I told them what wa up and then I was hooked up to ECG and such.

fredag 2

I was so out of breath and exhausted I couldn’t say more than a few words at the time. And I was so tired that it didn’t even feel like I was there for hours.
After about 7 hours and tests, and a total of 3 nitroglycerins sprays, I got to go home. Now I’m just waiting to see what happens. The doctor told me that if it happens again I have to go back to the ER… As long as we don’t know what’s causing this crap I have to think of it as serious at all times.
And let me tell you, all that nitroglycerin is NOT making my PoTS happy……..

Both yesterday an today have been blah. I get so out of breath by everything I do, even when I talk. I’ve been resting and restig and resting and I’m almost climbing the walls from being so boooored! Thankfully I go back to work tomorrow. Not sure how that’s gonna go, but I’m happy to get ut of the apartment 🙂

If I was motivated to get healthy before, I am even more so now! I might not be able to stop an actual heartattack, but I sure as hell will do everything I can to make sure I give my body all the advantages possible!

I’ve been riting this post for about an hour now. I’m so tired… It’s 19.10 here and I’m gonna go to bed now..

Childhood home

I’m seeing positive effects on my weightloss already, one of my dresses fits a bit better 🙂

Today I went to Helsingborg and visited the place I grew up and Fredriksdal. It was a lot of walkling!


The playground with the animals was actually a favourite among the kids. We all wanted to climb up on the elephant! I managed to do it once 🙂 But I obviously reember it as about twice as high!


And the swings!! These were used daily!! And it is strictly forbidden to just walk of the swing, you hae to jump! Very important 🙂
There used to be a wodden building too that we jumped off. If you jumped of the highest part of the playbuilding, you were pretty cool and brave. I did it 😀 But that building was gone now 😦

We also walked to where my first school was, it’s been gne for a long time now, but the little house where we had lunch is still there (offices now). The door was open so I knocked to see if I was allowed to have a look inside. It’s been 24 years since we moved away, and 25 since I went to that school – Rosengårdsskolan.

I’m extremely sensitive to mold, so, so, so sensitive to it and we’ve never understood it. Until now. It turns out the school was FILLED with it and was torn down eventually.
I loved that school!!

It’s been difficult documenting my health today because 1) it was raining and we were outdoors pretty much all the time and 2) my PoTS have been pretty bad. But I’ve memorised as much as I could so I can write in at least most of it.