A tiny observational study

Or at least sort of 😛

When I was really, really skinny (BMI 15 and helthy) I didn’t know that so many things I delt with daily was actually symptoms of my PoTS. And my sinustachycardia kicked in after I gained weight (am now on medication for my thyroid). I was overweight when I had all of my diagnoses and found out all about my symptoms (heartrate racing, bloodpressure drops, out of breath etc) and I don’t know how different my symptoms are now versus back then. I didn’t pay any attention to it hen, I thought it was normal to everybody!
But I figured, with me losing weight and getting healthy now, why not do an observational study of it?

noteboks 2

In one of the white journals, I am documenting my:
– heartrate when I’m out walking, when I eat, when I go to bed, when I wake up, when I take my medication (to lower my heartrate) after I take my medication and so on.
– PoTS and how it reacts to all in daily life.
– exhaustion.
– foodproblems.
– dizzyspells.
– tiredness (is that a word?).
– symptoms while excersicing.
I write down what I do and and how I experience the symptoms on a scale from 1-10.

In the second white journal I write down facts about the day, temperature, wind, if I’m ill etc. Anything that can help describe the day. I also write down observations from the day, anything that I’ve reacted to or thought extra about.

In the large black notebook I keep record of my weight, my meassurements, my workouts, my walks & how long time they take. And thoughts about theese things.

The little black notebook is the one I take with me during the day to write in so I don’t forget anything.

I started yesterday with the large black one and one of the whites (the first on the list) but soon understood I needed more. I have even bought a pretty pink one just in case I need more 🙂

I will record everything for 3 months. I chose 3 months because that’s all that would fit in the large black one 🙂 1 date/page.
It is going to be SO much fun to go over it all later!! To see what’s changed, what hasn’t changed, to see possible connections that are worth looking closer at etc!! Oh, I’m telling you, losing weight and kicking bad habits have never been more fun!!

If you want to know more, you can:
– keep reading here.
– follow me on Instagram @jeas_wellness
– follow me on Twitter @jeas_wellness

# I will use are – #jeaswellness and #jeasfitchallenge (always on instagram and if there’s room on my tweets).

You are always welcome with thoughts and questions about anything I write, just remember to show respect 🙂

I can’t end this post without showing a few things I’m completely in love with right now:


bär och ramlösa



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