Progress this week

So it’s saturday and these days that = hello scale.

During the past week my health has been a bit bad, I’ve had little to no energy and I’ve slept 12 – 15 hours/night, and still haven’t had enough sleep. Needles to say that gets to you after a while…
When hopping on the scale today (no, acually, I got on it quite carefully…) I thought that maybe 3 or 4hg (under 1lbs) down, but it showed 1,4kg (3lbs) down so that was a huge surprise πŸ™‚

Another progress I’m taking with me from this week is the fact that I’m getting GOOD at saying no to food/drinks/sweets/candy/ice-cream etc that I don’t really want!

I’m taking this weekend to relax and take it easy and charge my batteries, I have one more week then I’m free for 4 weeks! I do hope the weather gets better by then πŸ™‚

Since my phone broke down, I now give you another photo of what my day today has looked like:


I’d like to take a moment to thank my memory for being absolutely amazing! Give it another month or two and I’ll be quite good at spanish πŸ™‚


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