No phone…

First day of this week and what happens? My phone says “thank you, I need some time to myself” and goes dark. Only thing I could do was answer calls, and that’s only because I know where the answerbutton is… So it went of to be repaired and I think I will have it back early next week.

At the moment I’m using and old, old phone that doesn’t take good pictures anymore and hardly any apps are working properly. On instagram, all I can do is look at photos and like them. Videos work every now and then, mostly not at all.

Aaanyway… It’s saturday so I hopped on the scale (or you know, stood on it carefully) and it says minus 1,4kg (3lbs), so yay on that.
My health has been pretty crappy this week, I’ve had close to no energy and I’ve slept about 12 – 15 hours/night and still haven’t gotten enough sleep so I’m pretty surprised about that minus 🙂

A photo is needed in a post, and since my phone can’t take good ones, I’ using my proper camera now. My weekend will consist of this:


I’m teaching myself spanish.
I was in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for two weeks in november of last year and I taught myself enough then to get by – order food and drink, ask for directions, apologize if I bump in to people, not be tricked when I’m shopping…
And so now I’m teaching myself “the rest” so to speak. Yeah… I’m a fast learner 🙂 That’s pretty sweet!

I will be back later with a proper update on things.


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